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The state has reached a $125,000 settlement with a Rhode Island man assaulted by a state trooper, while the trooper in question is now accusing... [Read More]
A judge has ruled a former candidate for governor of Rhode Island as well as a former attorney general candidate cannot get their marijuana back,... [Read More]
Christmas color, events and traditions in Rhode Island, from the Providence Journal archive. [Read More]
A little over a week after reports of anti-Semitic, anti-black and Islamophobic stickers appearing around a Johnston neighborhood, the stickers were back up on Wednesday... [Read More]
After months of searching, the Latino Policy Institute has named Central Falls High School and Rhode Island College graduate Marcela Betancur as its new director."We... [Read More]
Former State Representative Ray Rickman joined GoLocal News Editor Kate Nagle on LIVE after a photo of Jim Hummel, the investigative reporter for the Providence... [Read More]
Rhode Island's Democratic House speaker says he objects to a settlement in a lawsuit that challenged a law limiting the number of registered sex offenders... [Read More]
Providence Journal college basketball writers Kevin McNamara and Bill Koch discuss this week's news that PC freshman star A.J. Reeves will miss 4-6 weeks with... [Read More]
The governor of Rhode Island highlighted the diversity of her selections in announcing her six candidates for open judicial seats across the state. Democratic Gov.... [Read More]
A Rhode Island school system has hired a collection agency to chase down unpaid student lunch tabs. Cranston schools chief operating officer Raymond Votto Jr.... [Read More]
A photo of Jim Hummel, the investigative reporter for the Providence Journal and host of "The Lively Experiment" of RI PBS, in blackface has emerged... [Read More]
A lawyer representing The Providence Journal lodged a complaint with the Rhode Island attorney general on Monday in an effort to help the newspaper acquire... [Read More]
We know school budgets are tough, but this seems extreme: The Cranston School District in Rhode Island has hired a collections agency to go after... [Read More]
A wide range of political action committees supported Rhode Island campaigns this year. The Providence Journal reports that PACs run by unions, large corporations, advocacy... [Read More]
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