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Miserable March 2018 continues. The National Weather Service has put a winter storm watch in effect for Fairfield County from late Tuesday night through la... [Read More]
Arthur "Artie" Montanari, 74, of Bethel, formerly of Ridgefield, husband of Elise (Jones) Montanari, died on Monday morning, March 19, 2018 at the Regional Hospice... [Read More]
Dottie Rogers (Dorothy W.), age 92, at rest March 3, 2018. Resident of Clarendon Hills, IL, formerly of Ridgefield, CT for 44 years. [Read More]
Hair Ball Committee: Leslie Toran, Angela Niznik, Peggy Honore, Kristin McGuinness (co-owner Sparkle Events), Alyssa Genovese (co-owner Sparkle Events), Am... [Read More]
The staff at Ridgefield High School has increased its policing of students using electronic cigarettes — popularly known as vapes — on school property, a... [Read More]
Thanks to our donors, customers and volunteers, the Ridgefield Thrift Shop is awarding more than $250,000 in grants to 55 non-profit organizations that ben... [Read More]
To the Editor: Walk light means wait, then walk. With the walk signal flashing and sounding, I was about to cross Main Street in front... [Read More]
Kieran Smith and AJ Bornstein combined for three individual victories, leading the Ridgefield boys swim team to a fourth-place finish at the State Open. [Read More]
Helen Walczykowski, 96, of Ridgefield, wife of Edward B. Walczykowski, passed away on Thursday, March 15, 2018. [Read More]
Playing in his first Major League Soccer game, 17-year-old Ridgefielder Ben Mines scored the opening goal as the New York Red Bulls defeated Portland, 4-0. [Read More]
State Senator Toni Boucher says tolls will be more expensive than people are led to believe. [Read More]
State Rep. John Frey and Chris Cozens Chris Cozens was named the 2018 Youth of the Year for the Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield,... [Read More]
To the Editor: As a long-standing downtown resident, the March 1, 2018, headline "Parking lot plans include 63 spots" caught my attention. My first questio... [Read More]
Kent Rapp is working at Willpower Energy, a German startup that helps homeowners produce their own fuel from atmospheric carbon dioxide, water, and electri... [Read More]
Protecting Ridgefield's water resources — lakes, rivers, streams, swamps — should be the main priority of an independent board, the Conservation Commission... [Read More]
The foods you choose can make a difference in starting your day off right, fueling you for an athletic event, or keeping weight or a... [Read More]
To the Editor: Superintendent Baldwin must go! Ms. Baldwin should have been fired long before the plagiarizing scandal that has become public. She has had... [Read More]
Got history? Here's your chance to show your chops, when teams compete in the fourth annual Battle of Ridgefield History Trivia Contest in our Garden... [Read More]
Showing off clothes are, from left, Fran Head, Kathy Marchione, Rachel Brunt, Brendan Taylor and Loire Leavitt. Skirts and shirts, scarves and shoes, warm... [Read More]
Children's Academy students Kieran, Lucas, Quincy, Stella, Ava, and Lucy pose for a picture with Sharon Kress, founder and president of Our Farm Equine Res... [Read More]