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The Friday box office offered only good news to Universal Pictures, which has the number 1 and 2 films. "Good Boys" scored $8.3 million including... [Read More]
Peter Fonda has died from lung cancer today at age 79. It was only last month that his cornerstone movie, "Easy Rider," celebrated its 50th... [Read More]
Taylot Swift comes of age: "Lover," the title track from her new album, is adult and sultry, bluesy even. Written with and produced by Jack... [Read More]
Hard to believe, but today marks one year since the passing of Aretha Franklin. So many accolades have been visited on her including the Pulitzer... [Read More]
The unthinkable has happened again. "The Book of Mormon" is back on discount. Once the king of sold out shows, the Tony winning musical seems... [Read More]
Ellen Barkin, star of TNT's hit show, "Animal Kingdom," never does anything quietly. The famous, fiery star of "Sea of Love" and "Diner," and Tony... [Read More]
Soap opera actors are generally very mum when it comes to backstage trouble. If they opine publicly against their shows, there's a fear of being... [Read More]
Last January, "Where's My Roy Cohn?", directed by Matt Tyrnauer, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Simultaneously, by coincidence, one of Cohn's disciples, Roger Ston…... [Read More]
When John Travolta's next movie, "The Fanatic," is released on August 30th, it will set a record held maybe only by Nicolas Cage. "The Fanatic"... [Read More]
Is Taylor Swift out of Vogue? And vogue? As Swift plots the release of her new album, called "Lover," for August 23rd, there have been... [Read More]
Mary Louise Parker really wants to conquer Broadway this season. She's doing not one, but two plays for 2019-2020. First up, Parker is already on... [Read More]
We just can't get enough of those British royals! "The Crown" is returning in November. And every day Prince Harry and Megan Markle are in... [Read More]
Bruce Willis barely had any dialogue in Night Shyamalan's "Glass." If you look at the movie, he's hidden in robes or filmed from behind. Soon... [Read More]
Mick Jagger is coming to the Toronto Film Festival. You can't get always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what... [Read More]
Netflix has set a date for the return of "The Crown," the wildly popular series about Queen Elizabeth II. Claire Foy was the award winning... [Read More]
One of my all time favorite people, Petra Nemcova, finally got married. The great beauty didn't wait for me! No, seriously, the lucky guy was... [Read More]
Patti Kenner– New York's hostess with the mostest–is the person to know on East Hampton Author's Night. A Manhattan mainstay philanthropist who is hands on–... [Read More]
What a shock. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have ended the marriage that started on the spur of the moment back on Boxing Day, December... [Read More]
It's been a rough summer for films starring women, or toplining women. Now we have a big disaster with "The Kitchen," starring Melissa McCarthy, Elisabeth... [Read More]