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RUSH: Campus Reform, I love these guys. They remind me of me back when this program was beginning. [Read More]
RUSH: It's tough to characterize how just downright mean and hateful, in a uniform way, everybody who commented on General Kelly's remarks yesterday is. Mean-spirited.... [Read More]
RUSH: Thursday night football ratings down last night, preliminary overnight metered markets. The Raiders, it was a close game, apparently. I didn't see it.... [Read More]
RUSH: You couldn't win an election if all you had voting for you was white supremacists. You don't have enough of those people, probably, to... [Read More]
RUSH: What Obama and the Democrats represented was not our values. They were attacking and trying to transform basic time-honored American traditions and institutions. And... [Read More]
RUSH: You are congratulating me on the accomplishments? I can't tell you how much that means to me, because the accomplishment is that people like... [Read More]
RUSH: The problem is that Harvey is not a sex addict. He's a predator and a bully. And there's no rehab for that. [Read More]
RUSH: Have you seen this? Playboy magazine, you haven't seen this? I thought they were going to stop publishing pictures after Hef went to the... [Read More]
RUSH: Her primary point was that we are sending confusing messages to our young people, that when they are young and in kindergarten, grade school,... [Read More]
RUSH: The left succeeds with a lot of their mission this way by bullying people. People don't want to be thought of as sexists, and... [Read More]
RUSH: It's just not how people talk. It's how liberals talk and it's how they're taught to speak at college campuses: 'Our communities.' What communities?... [Read More]
RUSH: What is this about Trump not caring about immigrants? What is this about Trump being a racist pig or whatever he is? Just isn't... [Read More]
RUSH: May have to do a correction here. And unlike the New York Times and other Drive-By Media outlets who bury their corrections and correct... [Read More]
RUSH: The ChiComs have just told Apple they cannot sell the LTE version of the Apple Watch in China. You know why? [Read More]
RUSH: He's calling out Trump voters here and Trump. [Read More]
RUSH: When I saw that the congresswoman was in the car and all this, you know, the first thing I think when these people are... [Read More]
RUSH: In this atmosphere, in this market, if you tack on tax cuts to this and add even more disposable income to people -- and... [Read More]
RUSH: I'm reading show prep today, and there's some asinine story that Trump has a stand-in for Melania, that Melania hates Trump, hates what he's... [Read More]
RUSH: When you take a day off and you look at all of this and all I did was absorb it without having any outlet... [Read More]
Mark Steyn filled in for Rush on Wednesday. Check out Mark's Stack for links and audio clips. Rush returns to the Golden EIB Microphone on... [Read More]