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Sevilla under-12 footballer Ibrahima Sow has caused an uproar on social media after pictures of him playing against boys of the same age went viral,... [Read More]
The Guardian newspaper's deputy editor was thanked by the UK MoD for "re-establishing links" between the newspaper and the intelligence services after the 2013 Snowden... [Read More]
Tehran is well able to provide security in regional waters, Iranian Admiral Ali Shamkhani has said, branding the US the main source of "crisis and... [Read More]
Teen Vogue is facing backlash for "promoting prostitution" after publishing an article which advertises sex work as "real work" to its audience, which is made... [Read More]
Egypt's former president Mohamed Morsi has died suddenly following a court appearance, according to Egyptian state television. He was 67. [Read More]
Poland is preparing six sites across the country to accommodate additional US troops relocating from Germany. By doing this, Washington has tried to exert pressure... [Read More]
UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt demonstrated more devoted loyalty to the US and its president as he continued his futile bid to replace Theresa May... [Read More]
Passengers on a Bulgarian airline were torn from their seats by violent in-flight turbulence and sent crashing into the cabin ceiling – and one another... [Read More]
As US leaders once again blame Tehran for an attack on a pair of tankers, Iranian Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi joins RT to debunk their... [Read More]
Young people in Liverpool, England are reportedly having bounties placed on their heads by 'elders' and told to stab each other for as much as... [Read More]
Gen. Filipp Bobkov, a veteran of Soviet counterintelligence whose job at the KGB involved quashing dissidents and preventing flare ups of ethnic tensions, has died... [Read More]
A new stock exchange connection between Britain and China launched on Monday, which will see UK-listed companies become the first foreign firms permitted to list... [Read More]
UK ministers including the foreign secretary have been quick to ridicule Jeremy Corbyn's call for caution over blaming Iran for two attacks on Gulf tankers... [Read More]
Argentina's stuttering start to the Copa America in Brazil has drawn stern criticism from the nation's greatest-ever player, with Diego Maradona launching an expletive-laden rant... [Read More]
Three Delhi policemen have been suspended over the brutal beating of a man in the street following a fender bender in India. Viral footage of... [Read More]
An Indian magician is feared dead after he attempted to emulate a famous Harry Houdini stunt by escaping from shackles while submerged underwater. Authorities were... [Read More]
The world's top cliff divers are set to put on a spectacular show this weekend as the World Series makes its next stop in Azores,... [Read More]
English football's second most prestigious club cup competition, The EFL Cup, will continue its trend of holding draws in unusual locations with next season's first-round... [Read More]
Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit North Korea for a two-day visit starting this Thursday, according to Chinese state media reports. [Read More]