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Jorge Osio Ramirez now also faces a vehicular manslaughter felony charge. [Read More]
Assemblywoman Anna Caballero announced Monday her candidacy for State Senate District 12. [Read More]
Child gave his friends his mother's rent money... [Read More]
Self discipline is a great way to combat impulse buying... [Read More]
New mural at La Paz Park in East Salinas is the latest effort of the Salinas Urban Art Project. [Read More]
Lee Abellana puts the finishing touches to his mural... [Read More]
2017 Veterans Day Parade in Salinas... [Read More]
A man polishes his wheels in the Salinas High School parking lot before the start of the seventh annual Veterans Day Parade on Saturday, November... [Read More]
Martin Curiel has been waiting for a day like Saturday since he finished his tour as a U.S. Navy E-4 petty officer in Vietnam. [Read More]
Rogelio Martinez has released his book, "Mexico En La Obra De John Steinbeck," which explores some of Mexico's connection to the famed writer. [Read More]
In late 1957, SCRAMP raised $125,000 for construction of a track. Work began the first week of September. It was completed in 60 days. [Read More]
Salinas police say they changing their approach to law enforcement to emphasize establishing relationships with the neighborhoods. [Read More]
Some fire extinguishers have been recalled by their manufacturer after having problems spraying foam retardant, says the Salinas Fire Department. [Read More]
The Monterey County Sheriff's Bomb Squad destroyed a WWII-era hand grenade Wednesday evening after a Salinas man found it in box at home. [Read More]
Dr. David Ramos' relationship with his father Rene Ramos, a veteran of the U.S. Army, changed one day in 1980. [Read More]
MacGregor Eddy believes that red light cameras could help improve safety on North Main Street. [Read More]
Prior to these new regulations, no consistent rules regarding pesticide application had existed in the state with counties only adopting local rules. [Read More]
The CCS individual playoff tennis tournament will be at the Bay Club Courtside in Los Gatos starting Tuesday... [Read More]
Salinas is exploring allowing medical cannabis dispensaries, and retail sales, under a proposed ordinance introduced this week. [Read More]
Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System invites the public to participate in a flag-planting ceremony on Firday... [Read More]