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Gordon B. Hinckley, an 84-year-old optimist, took the helm of the LDS Church in 1995, when most Americans knew little about it. During Hinckley's 13-year... [Read More]
Twenty-seven seconds. That's all the time it took for a Utah judge to sign off on an officer's request to search phone records in a... [Read More]
It all began with an anonymous tip. Children were living in unhealthy conditions, an American Fork police sergeant wrote in a March search warrant. There... [Read More]
Kristine McIntyre has read "Moby-Dick" seven times so you don't have to. "I had to know the novel so I could know what was essential,"... [Read More]
The Mormon church has rolled out the new priesthood and Relief Society class curriculum, which it argues will eliminate boring, predictable lessons from manuals. Instead,... [Read More]
While Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has said he will not seek re-election in 2020, he still raked in nearly $630,000 in political contributions last year.... [Read More]
Remember the good ol' days when racists stayed in their houses, occasionally venturing onto their front porches to tell those damn kids to get off... [Read More]
After playing arguably their worst first half of basketball of the season last week at Pacific, the BYU Cougars played perhaps their best on Saturday... [Read More]
"Perhaps I am an idealist, but I hope we can come together and work in good faith, recognizing that we all want these lands to... [Read More]
This time, it didn't come down to a last-second shot. Not even close. The BYU Cougars saw to that with a brilliant first half of... [Read More]
After six days of rest and fun, Cheylynn Hayman woke up Saturday believing the last day of her Hawaii vacation would be the same. She... [Read More]
I opened The Tribune on Christmas morning and almost threw up on Santy Claus. There was the grinch himself with the title "Utahn of the... [Read More]
The Dec. 26 article in The Tribune sports section publicized a couple who declared: "Utes need fans more than my kids need me on Christmas."... [Read More]
This is what my elected congressional representatives and president have done to my country. The attack on political correctness is resulting in the loss of... [Read More]
Through the new presidency, it seems Trump is aiming to cut a large portion of foreign aid, roughly 32 percent. These budget cuts deliver a... [Read More]
In reply to the comments of Robert Hawke ("That's an apple, right?", Dec. 28) concerning the supposed mutability of facts, I must point out the... [Read More]
Murray police are searching for a man in his early 70s who left his home Friday afternoon in a truck, driving for the first time... [Read More]
The night before he told the world he was gay, Gus Kenworthy couldn't sleep. He kept imagining everything that he'd spent years building was about... [Read More]
The photographer tried to invoke some intensity from Viewmont basketball star Mercedes Staples, but she just broke into an even wider grin. "I can't, like,... [Read More]
Charlotte, N.C. • Following Joe Johnson through any NBA arena feels like watching a reunion. [Read More]