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A series of White House hopefuls are expressing new interest in remaking the Supreme Court as payback for the Republican transformation of the judiciary over... [Read More]
A lot was made about how absurd it was for taxpayer to be stuck contributing $1.5 million to the Orrin Hatch Center for Ego in... [Read More]
Two 18-year-olds were shot during a fight in Midvale on Sunday night, and police are still searching for the suspects. [Read More]
A series of small housing projects have sprouted around Salt Lake City's east side, with retro women's names like Ruth, Mabel and Rose. [Read More]
Recently, social media has been getting a bad rap in the news and media. Using social media is claimed to be damaging to both your... [Read More]
In response to your recent coverage of the Trump administration's 2020 budget proposal, I am dismayed that the president is once again calling for cuts... [Read More]
In Utah, the dirtiest word isn't four letters and is rarely spoken in Sunday school: socialism. I can scarcely log in to social media without... [Read More]
Thank you, Sens. Mitt Romney and Mike Lee, for acting with integrity in regards to your vote to overturn President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration... [Read More]
Our president could learn from Gail Miller. In response to racial ugliness, she could have said, "these were very fine people on both sides," as... [Read More]
This letter goes out to Sen. Mike Lee, Rep. Chris Stewart and Orrin Hatch (if he's still within hearing distance). [Read More]
I would like to thank Rep. Patrice Arent for trying to remove a $1.5 million appropriation for the planned Orrin Hatch Center from the budget.... [Read More]
A controversial gravel-mining protection bill that easily passed the House about halfway through the 2019 Legislature disappeared for weeks only to arise from the pit... [Read More]
In a remote dusty corner of Utah's San Rafael Swell is a spot where dinosaurs came to die 150 million years ago, their bones piling... [Read More]
Candace Yocum and her two pygmy goats had lived in harmony in Midvale for more than two years when the city's code enforcers came knocking... [Read More]
Fitting it is that Utah State is the NCAA Tournament flag-bearer for the state of Utah. The school should raise and wave a banner of... [Read More]
Gonzaga is a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament for the third time in school history. And in each case, the Bulldogs have been... [Read More]
The Utah State Aggies finally know when and where they get to put on their dancing shoes. [Read More]
Authorities have temporarily halted efforts to find 4-year-old Anndine Jones in San Juan County after three days of ground and water searches. According to a... [Read More]
When Derrick Favors was brought back this past summer on a two-year deal, many critical fans wondered what exactly the Jazz were doing. [Read More]
After three days of ground and water searches in San Juan County, authorities on Saturday said they still have yet to find any sign of... [Read More]