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Appointees to boards or commissions would have to resign from their seats once they declare they are running for state or local office if voters... [Read More]
San Francisco Public Works confiscated two dozen rentable electric scooters Wednesday, cleaning up the latest spate of the vehicles left across sidewalks d... [Read More]
If an earthquake larger then the 6.9-magnitude 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake struck directly below the city of Oakland on the Hayward fault line this afterno... [Read More]
San Francisco planning commissioners on Thursday postponed a vote to approve proposed renovations and the construction of additional units at a residential... [Read More]
Researchers today visited and banded three peregrine falcon chicks that hatched on top of PG&E's San Francisco headquarters. The chicks, which hatched in M... [Read More]
Archive : San Francisco News... [Read More]
Two people remain hospitalized with critical injuries following a shooting Friday night in the Bayview District that left one person dead and five others i... [Read More]
More than a month before the Warriors pushed the San Antonio Spurs to the verge of elimination, Gregg Popovich was standing outside the visitor's locker... [Read More]
San Francisco is fired up about motorized scooters. And that's not just anecdotal. Complaints to the SF 311 service about them have surged in the... [Read More]
After several months of negotiations, city officials this week made the first payment to City College of San Francisco for the Free City program, which... [Read More]
San Francisco State University this week began offering free HIV and STI testing to all LGBTQ students on campus for the first time after complaints... [Read More]
City agencies are partnering with a private sponsor and local businesses for the second year in a row to prepare for the first 4/20 celebration... [Read More]
San Francisco's latest proposed gun control law would ban the possession of firearms at gatherings like parades or protests, even when they are relatively... [Read More]
San Francisco is preparing for an expanded use of conservatorships in anticipation of state legislation that would allow The City to increase their use for... [Read More]
In the eyes of many, Beyoncé is a saint and it appears Nob Hill's Grace Cathedral might think so, too. Next week, members of the... [Read More]
It's no secret that teachers play an important role in shaping a child's development. I remember some of my own favorite teachers from growing up... [Read More]
Chloé Zhao's "The Rider" is a remarkable, deeply moving melding of fact and fiction. Its main character Brady Blackburn is played by real-life rodeo rider... [Read More]
The locals are panicked and paranoid: Two Jews with somber faces and unstated motives have arrived in their village, possibly to exact revenge on the... [Read More]
Although some plot points in playwright Ed Cardona Jr.'s "American Jornalero" lack credibility, the play about the working lives -- or lack thereof -- of... [Read More]
At 76, Art Garfunkel may be having more fun onstage than ever. The intense singer with the angelic voice says he's learned to relax as... [Read More]
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