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GRIMALKIN (GRIMALKIN: grih-MAWL-kin: An old female cat.) Average mark 45 words Time limit 60 minutes Can you find 65 or more words in GRIMALKIN? TODAY'S... [Read More]
It's misleading to pin impacts on President Donald Trump of a President Barack Obama-era law and an unrelated, unimplemented Gov. Jerry Brown tunnel plan (Editorial,... [Read More]
Also, 'Divorced' and 'Crashing' kick off new seasons on HBO... [Read More]
My vision for the new year is to end the threat of nuclear war so our children, who will inherit our beautiful Earth, can grow... [Read More]
In front of raucous crowd, Paly takes care of business at home against Gunn... [Read More]
Aaron Dell is serving as insurance policy to goalie Martin Jones, who's posted an .884 save percentage since Dec. 2. [Read More]
Dan Walters' Jan. 7 column, "California minimum wage and its other acts have consequences," repeats the Republican orthodoxy of the virtue of suppressed minimum wages.... [Read More]
Tribune Content Agency I can appreciate capable, dedicated teachers. (Both of my parents were educators.) My daughter has been blessed with excellent ones. A good... [Read More]
From the time he was able to handle a ball - about 2 years old - Tyler Nii demonstrated his aptitude and passion for sports.... [Read More]
Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant... [Read More]
NBA analyst to join Michelle Beadle and Mike Greenberg on new morning show... [Read More]
A summary of crime in Campbell before January. [Read More]
Middle Schoolers from all over Northern California showcased their "future cities" for older generations Saturday for the Future City regional finals in San Jose. [Read More]
Police shot the man in the parking lot of a hamburger restaurant where a caller had reported what appeared to be a drug deal in... [Read More]
The big wave contest at Mavericks won't happen Tuesday because the forecast isn't good enough. [Read More]
"America's Got Talent," but do you? Now is the time to prove it. NBC's wildly popular summer talent show has hit the road in search... [Read More]
Trump can't keep track of issues, but President Eisenhower, a former general, somehow managed to become an expert... [Read More]
A 28-year-old man playing a video game in his bedroom threw a fit, broke his headset, then picked up a gun and killed his mother,... [Read More]
The Golden State Warriors have some of the loudest (and best) fans in the world coming to Oracle Arena for their home games, but this... [Read More]
Wenzhou Fish, Noodles & More closed at the end of the year, and the historic building's owners are looking for a new restaurant tenant. [Read More]
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