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Carolyn Hax: She just can't stop talking, even to herself. Plus: If your friend wants to fall for this scam, you can't stop her. [Read More]
Carolyn Hax: I'm shocked at the reaction to my kid's illness. Instead of hoping for what you want, ask for it. [Read More]
Carolyn Hax: Vacation centers around kids that aren't mine. Planning some side trips for yourself will give you and them some private time. [Read More]
Carolyn Hax: I'm afraid to report this abusive therapist. Plus: She's exposing my grandson to this terrible truth about our marriage. [Read More]
Carolyn Hax: They keep pointing to my need to control. Plus: It feels like "I'm not ready for a relationship now" is code for "or... [Read More]
Carolyn Hax: Living with integrity is your best gift to her. Plus: They make fun of our relationship but they just met him. [Read More]