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A proposed 186-berth marina on Waiheke Island is causing a rift between Māori groups. [Read More]
The invasive weed continues to strangle Manawatū's native bush. [Read More]
Pulborough Brooks, West Sussex I have the reserve to myself, save for a flock of bullfinches and the geese and ducks collecting on the flooded... [Read More]
Syracuse Academy of Science won their third straight game, holding off Bishop Grimes 52-44 in boys basketball action. [Read More]
'Oumuamua, a mysterious object from a different star system is to be examined by one of the world's biggest telescopes for signs of alien technology. [Read More]
NASA is staging a media event to announce the latest discovery made by its planet hunting Kepler space observatory. But what will the announcement be? [Read More]
SpaceX has delayed the launch of its next cargo delivery mission for NASA by 24 hours to allow time for additional system checks, the company... [Read More]
Conservationist is using art to communicate the plight of New Zealand's dwindling birdlife... [Read More]
President Donald Trump directed the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to send American astronauts back to the moon and eventually to Mars, shif... [Read More]
​The first baby quokka to be born at the Australian Reptile Park has taken her first hops just in time for the Christmas school holidays. [Read More]
US President Donald Trump signed a new space policy directive, which calls on NASA to ramp up its efforts to send people to deep space. [Read More]
In a third-floor room with a glass wall offering a sweeping view of a snow-dusted campus, Misericordia University President Thomas Botzman joined Luzerne County Community... [Read More]
After 14 years, the wait is nearly over for mountain biking and walking trails at the Glenwood Open Space Preserve.Last week, the City Council approved... [Read More]
Big news from the White House is expected to impact the future of space travel. Dan Billow reports. [Read More]
Chlorination of Glenorchy, Arthurs Point, Luggate and Glendhu Bay water supply will start next week. [Read More]
President Donald Trump wants to send astronauts where no man has gone before. [Read More]
The presidential directive called for partnership with other nations and commercial companies but did not offer details about schedule or cost. [Read More]
The alien-hunting Breakthrough Listen project, led by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, will use the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia to investigate the mysterious comet. [Read More]
Something strange is going on out in space... [Read More]
Schools and learning centers in North Jersey participate in the Hour of Code movement for Computer Science Week. [Read More]