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Waves of globalization brought these warriors to new shores, where certain species spread like wildfire... [Read More]
The president's ever-growing fan base includes thousands of reputable climate scientists who support his withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement. By Rebecca... [Read More]
It's very difficult to get spacecraft to Mars, but that hasn't stopped us from trying. [Read More]
Scientists have developed an improved method for distinguishing between the bones of goats and sheep. [Read More]
A YouTube video believed to come from the hacker group Anonymous claimed that NASA may soon announce the existence of alien life. Do scientists support... [Read More]
The fourth tropical cyclone of the Eastern Pacific Ocean season formed on June 25 and by June 26 it was already a hurricane. NASA-NOAA's Suomi... [Read More]
Faculty of Brain Sciences UCL Institute of Mental Health Sackler Chair in Mental Health and Director, UCL Institute of Mental Health The appointment... [Read More]
Position 1: Postdoc Grantee A non-taxable grant for a 3-year position (1 + 2 years) is available for a Postdoc in the team of... [Read More]
Leaders from more than 250 cities gathered at the US Conference of Mayors in Miami Beach to vote on a resolution to reach a 100%... [Read More]
ICRC). We are seeking a motivated post-doctoral researcher who will join the Laboratory of Epigenetics, Metabolism and Aging (EMA), within the Center for Translational Medicine... [Read More]
The lab of Dr. Verfaillie at the Stem Cell Institute at KULeuven is recruiting an outstanding postdoctoral fellow highly versed in molecular biology techniques in... [Read More]
The researchers, from the University of Texas at Austin, say that smartphones act as a 'brain drain' because part of our brain is always thinking... [Read More]
An earthquake swarm is still going on at Yellowstone National Park. Is it something we should be concerned about? [Read More]
A major new breakthrough has occurred in the bid to create an efficient biofuel using engineered algae. [Read More]
PROFESSOR AND CHAIRPERSON Department of Pharmacology and Systems Physiology University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine The University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine invites applications and... [Read More]
Scientists in Wales have designed a Twitter-monitoring algorithm capable of identifying riots before citizens report the unrest to police. [Read More]
NASA says its just bunk and denies any involvement although for $120 you can find out for yourself. [Read More]
My purpose was to create a spark of interest in the world around us and the methods of investigating it. [Read More]
A 19-year-old Montana man has died after falling 2,000 feet (610 meters) while backcountry skiing with his sister in the Beartooth Mountains in northern Wyoming. [Read More]
Experts told Bloomberg that Seattle-based Amazon sees the most immediate opportunities to reduce costs in the Whole Foods distribution centres. [Read More]