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The Department of Health Sciences and Technology ( of ETH Zurich and its Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health, IFNH (, invites applications for the... [Read More]
We are looking for an organic chemist with interest in materials science (porous solids / cage molecules / ionic liquids). ORGANIC CHEMIST / MATERIALS... [Read More]
Google Maps has added new planets and moon to its solar system feature on Monday, allowing users to catch a more complete view of our... [Read More]
Dr. Kate Biberdorf is setting out to make students love science again with explosively fun chemistry lessons. [Read More]
Environmental group is challenging extension of planning permission for Dublin airport runway... [Read More]
Department of Seamless Environmental Prediction Research (DSEP), JAMSTEC is soliciting applications for a permanent employee position as a Principal Scientist or Principal Technical Scientist, who... [Read More]
With more than 170,000 glass vials containing spiders pickled in alcohol, yes, it is cramped in this room in the basement of the Burke Museum... [Read More]
Postdoctoral Researcher in Medical Systems Biology University Medical Center Groningen (the Netherlands) The Medical Systems Biology group Postdoctoral Researcher in Medical Systems... [Read More]
Fiji will issue a $50 million "green" bond in coming weeks to help combat the effects of global climate change, the first developing country to... [Read More]
Graves' groundbreaking genetic work includes the 'throwaway line' that the male Y chromosome may one day go extinct... [Read More]
Google Maps has also added imagery of planets such as Pluto, Venus and several other moons in our solar system. [Read More]
Denison University's Laura C. Harris Symposium and Ronneberg Lecture Series welcomes author Duchess Harris... [Read More]
The former Greens leader won his case with the justices ruling 6-1 that parts of Tasmania's anti-protesting crackdown breached the implied freedom of political ... [Read More]
The killing of two activists who successfully campaigned to shut down a mine has shocked environmentalists in Turkey who fear their deaths will embolden others... [Read More]
Legal NGO ClientEarth to take the government back to court if it fails to set out a new range of measures to tackle Britain's toxic... [Read More]
NASA's Cassini mission has uncovered several previously hidden 'moonlets' which scientists believe hold the planet's ring together. [Read More]
The hummingbirds are mostly gone. [Read More]
We pair a Times 360 video series about a Mars simulation with Bradbury's short story to explore potential sacrifices required in pursuit of scientific discovery. [Read More]
MORE evidence of the mysterious Planet 9 existing in our solar system has been found. [Read More]
Local residents joined the Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SOPPS) faculty and staff last week at a town hall to discuss the... [Read More]