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Environmental groups are applauding the teenagers' victory, calling it a win for climate change activists. [Read More]
The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust is supporting environmental journalism, with a grant to The Arizona Republic and [Read More]
The lack of new whizbang user-facing features in O is a sign of Android's maturity, but that doesn't mean we won't see big surprises for... [Read More]
The battle against one of the nation's biggest epidemics is now being waged on two fronts — and a fix is on the horizon. [Read More]
One of the reasons I love being out at our ranch is the feeling of peace that comes over me. I love listening to the... [Read More]
Just like the original, it appears Nintendo has everything squared away for a truly compelling multiplayer game. [Read More]
This week's milestones in the history of technology include the birth of Apple Computer, the first release of Gmail, and IBM signing an agreement with... [Read More]
Apple is not happy with WikiLeaks at all. [Read More]
even the advanced ones... [Read More]
We've all been to tab hell: those times when you're staring at a couple dozen tabs, fresh off a Wikipedia or news-reading binge, unsure of... [Read More]
A team of researchers found that certain geological features on the Red Planet indicate that the impact that created the Lomonosov crater may have also... [Read More]
Thanks to a grant from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, The Republic will be going in-depth on the resources that matter most to Arizona:... [Read More]
Amber Rudd hinted restriction — currently limited to six countries — could be extended if the future affecting millions of travellers... [Read More]
President Donald Trump used his weekly address Saturday (March 25) to praise NASA's legacy of exploration and discovery in a video that also marked Trump's... [Read More]
10120 W VERSAILLES RD COVINGTON, OH 45318. Agriculture - Farm Equipment And Supplies... [Read More]
Reddit/ltroyalshrimp Once again, Reddit and the internet have revealed some of the strange interests that people have. I recently discovered the subreddit "r/dustypcs," which... [Read More]
Research finds large moon may have been ripped apart over time due to planet's gravity... [Read More]
Reuters/Peter Nicholls Julian Assange's website WikiLeaks is in possession of what appears to be CIA hacking tools that can target popular computers like Apple's iPhones... [Read More]
Last week, it was reported that Drake's latest project was streamed 89.9 million times in its first 24 hours of availability on Apple Music, a... [Read More]
Roman Cho/BN Ranch In 1969, Bill Niman bought his first ranch, an 11-acre plot with pigs and chickens that roamed freely, for $18,000.... [Read More]