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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg turned to the social network to announce the milestone, which solidifies the company's position as the largest, most influential social network... [Read More]
A meteorite, which landed in Holland could help scientists understand the origin of the solar system.   People across the Netherlands and Belgium saw... [Read More]
You can try out iOS 11, the operating system that will run the next iPhone. But there are risks        ... [Read More]
University of Notre Dame, College of Science, undergraduate science education, research, graduate education... [Read More]
OPINION: Let's hear it for salty sporting smartness. [Read More]
Last week on the website of the Anonymous hacker group there was an announcement suggesting that NASA scientists have found traces of extraterrestrial life on... [Read More]
Hampton High School, with the assistance of Carnegie Mellon University, is developing a new computer course curriculum, including a beginning computer programming class coming this... [Read More]
It took 12 years' worth of observations for astronomers to finally spot two supermassive black holes orbiting each other. [Read More]
Apple's Siri virtual assistant can be used for a variety of tasks on the iPhone and iPad. And soon, the program will be getting some... [Read More]
If you're currently using the latest iOS 10 public beta version, you can make the switch to the new iOS 11 public beta. Here's how. [Read More]
Itching to try out tvOS 11? Apple has released the first public beta version. Here's what you'll need to know about getting started with this... [Read More]
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New penalties for people who misrepresent themselves as military veterans in order to get financial benefits are going into effect in Pennsylvania. Democratic Gov.... [Read More]
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers released a proposal on Tuesday to repeal the 2015 Clean Water Rule, the latest move... [Read More]
A U.S. [Read More]
One Pennsylvania family has made it their mission to prove the existence of the legendary creature Bigfoot. Under the guidance of patriarch and grandfather Carmine... [Read More]
USA Gymnastics released an apology letter and an internal report Tuesday detailing a cultural shift after the organization was rocked by a sexual abuse scandal.... [Read More]
According to multiple reports issued over the past few months, the iPhone 8 will be delayed. Some were more optimistic than others, saying the most... [Read More]
A mysterious celestial body may be lurking in the frozen, far-flung reaches of the solar system, scientists say. This is not the proposed "Planet Nine,"... [Read More]
A new ransomware attack—a variant of malicious software known as Petya—has hit computer systems around the world in what appears to be a global cyberattack... [Read More]