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Powerful tools exist now to stop AIDS and HIV transmission, which has led to an international push to end AIDS by 2030. But not everywhere... [Read More]
The ocean is a critical source of nutrition for billions of people, with potential to yield further food, profits, and employment in the future (... [Read More]
With the growing prominence of Asperger's syndrome has come increased scrutiny of the man behind it. But until recently, historians writing in English have either... [Read More]
By their very nature, rare marine species are challenging to study. They often elude detection by established research methods because of their scarcity and patchy... [Read More]
I landed my dream job: a tenure-track position at a primarily undergraduate institution near my hometown where I would develop a new neuroscience major. I... [Read More]
Opportunity rover is out of juice and trapped in the midst of the most expansive dust storm observed to date... [Read More]
New efforts aim to curb the state's startlingly high rate of new infections... [Read More]
Rising vaccine exemptions create hot spots of disease risk... [Read More]
An anesthesiologist's review prompts The New England Journal of Medicine to issue five corrections and one retraction... [Read More]
Steven Koonin says the Trump administration has dropped the red-team idea, but it's not dead... [Read More]
Japanese insects have found an unlikely comrade... [Read More]
Lawmakers plan to introduce bill calling for a National Quantum Initiative... [Read More]
Committee agrees with House of Representatives counterparts to ignore president's request and boost current levels... [Read More]
Technology could help track down fugitives and missing persons... [Read More]
Populations of hedgehogs, voles, and other mammals have dropped dramatically in 20 years... [Read More]
Former investment banker emphasizes supercomputing, quantum technologies, and big facilities... [Read More]
Putting in the work ahead of time will pay off in the long run... [Read More]
Mysterious radiation traced to spinning diamond dust... [Read More]
Mother-to-child transmission of HIV can be easily prevented, but in this country many pregnant women don't even know they are infected... [Read More]
From a distance, the striking shades act as camouflage... [Read More]
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