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The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine recently published a committee report on return of individuals' research results and data, proclaiming commitment to increasing... [Read More]
In their Review "Landscapes that work for biodiversity and people" (19 October, p. [eaau6020][1]), C. Kremen and A. M. Merenlender discuss techniques that can preserve... [Read More]
![Figure][1] Want to master your professional and social networks to maximize recognition? Want to learn how to build productive teams that create lasting impact?... [Read More]
1. 3D Printing # Shrinking problems in 3D printing... [Read More]
The Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing, held in Hong Kong last month, was rocked by the revelation from a researcher from Shenzhen that... [Read More]
![Figure][1] CREDIT: MAURICE WEISS/OSTKREUZ Climate change is a tragedy of the commons of existential importance. At the annual United Nations climate summit that... [Read More]
SCI COMMUN### Publishing Plan S, the push by European science funders for immediate open access (OA) to research publications, got a boost last week... [Read More]
### INTRODUCTION Chromosomal conformations, topologically associated chromatin domains (TADs) assembling in nested fashion across hundreds of kilobases, and other "three-dimensional genome" (3DG) structures bypass... [Read More]
Metal-bound peptides can catalyze simple reactions such as ester hydrolysis and may have been the starting point for the evolution of modern enzymes. Studer et... [Read More]
During chemical reactions, electrons usually rearrange more quickly than nuclei. Thus, theorists often adopt an adiabatic framework that considers vibrational and rotational dynamics within single... [Read More]
### INTRODUCTION The DNA of protein-coding genes is transcribed into mRNA, which is translated into proteins. The "coding genome" describes the DNA that contains... [Read More]
### INTRODUCTION The human cerebral cortex has undergone an extraordinary increase in size and complexity during mammalian evolution. Cortical cell lineages are specified in... [Read More]
![Figure][1] Every cancer is a living, ever-evolving, mutated derivation of a body's own cells. This makes fighting a cancer like fighting the mythological many-headed... [Read More]
The parasitic plant Striga hermonthica causes extensive crop losses, particularly in Africa. Strigolactone hormones can be used to initiate germination of Striga seeds when no... [Read More]
Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies play a central role in immune responses against helminth and protozoan parasites; however, they also contribute to allergies. IgE antibodies (and... [Read More]
Maize originated in what is now central Mexico about 9000 years ago and spread throughout the Americas before European contact. Kistler et al. applied genomic... [Read More]
### INTRODUCTION Our understanding of the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), schizophrenia (SCZ), and bipolar disorder (BD), lags behind other... [Read More]
An accurate, precise record of the carbon-14 (14C) content of the atmosphere is important for developing chronologies in climate change, archaeology, and many other disciplines.... [Read More]
Evidence for the earliest stone tools produced by human ancestors (from ∼2.6 million years ago) has hitherto come from East Africa. Sahnouni et al. report... [Read More]
### INTRODUCTION Strong genetic associations have been found for a number of psychiatric disorders. However, understanding the underlying molecular mechanisms remains challenging. ###... [Read More]
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