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Today, Sunday, Bette Midler exits "Hello, Dolly!" after a 10 month run with cash in hand. By various estimates, Bette was taking home more than... [Read More]
So: to quiet things down, there's sort of a resolution in the brouhaha over Mark Wahlberg's pay discrepancy with Michelle Williams over the movie "All... [Read More]
Dear fans of and voters for Donald Trump: The Rupert Murdoch owned conservative Wall Street Journal has blown the lid off your guy. They report... [Read More]
The Critics Choice Awards were a lot of fun, but long…so I learned a lot… "Darkest Hour" director Joe Wright will spend the summer in... [Read More]
James Franco has won a Golden Globe, a Critics Choice Award and a Gotham Award for playing loser Tommy Wiseau in "The Disaster Artist." But... [Read More]
You can't say the Critics Choice Awards weren't interesting. Hosted by Olivia Munn, the long ceremony– broadcast live from a hanger at the Santa Monica... [Read More]
Disney and LucasFilm are about to cut bait on "The Last Jedi." This Friday– the beginning of Week 5–  they'll cut the number of theaters... [Read More]
It was without a doubt a brilliant and daring undertaking. In light of Donald Trump's flagrant disregard for a free press, Steven Spielberg decided to... [Read More]
The Directors Guild of America took a huge leap this morning. They snubbed Steven Spielberg for "The Post" and ushered in a new era.Their nominees... [Read More]
Half the town is down in Palm Springs at the Film Festival. Some people are coming back from New York for tonight's Critics Choice Awards... [Read More]
Here's the most outstandingly cute anecdote from the Golden Globes. File this under: Mom, exactly what is it that you do? On Sunday night, Amy... [Read More]
The DGA has just issued its TV nominees. There are several for HBO, naturally, as well as Netflix. Hulu and Amazon. There are none for... [Read More]
I am very sad to learn that Oscar winning director and writer Paul Haggis has resigned from the important charity he started, Artists for Peace... [Read More]
Wednesday night's live Times Talk with "Disaster Artist" star and director James Franco and his brother, actor Dave Franco, has been cancelled. Franco just won... [Read More]
WITH SPOILERS "The Last Jedi" just doesn't catch a break. The Rian Johnson directed "Star Wars" eighth episode came in 2nd last weekend when it... [Read More]
The Grammy Awards have announced their Lifetime Achievement Awards honorees. They include Tina Turner, Queen, Neil Diamond, Emmylou Harris, The Meters, the legendary Wrecking Crew... [Read More]
 Movie music is in the air. DIANE WARREN: Andra Day and Common performed "Stand Up for Something" last night on Stephen Colbert. The song by... [Read More]
Dylan Farrow continues to attack filmmaker Woody Allen, who co-adopted her with Mia Farrow in the 1980s. This is despite the fact that Mia Farrow's... [Read More]
BAFTA– the British Academy–has announced their nominees. They totally snubbed The Post and the very British Victoria and Abdul. They are gone. Categories: ... [Read More]
There is no one more fun, or slyly smarter than Paris Hilton. I've known her and her family– dad Rick, mom Kathy, superstar sister Nicky–... [Read More]