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One thing the 17 actors on stage at Riverside Church couldn't see last night as they performed Robert Schenkkan's "The Investigation": the looks on their... [Read More]
June 25, 2009: TMZ's scoopers in Beverly Hills spotted an ambulance at his rented pad on Sunset Boulevard. They reported Michael had had a heart... [Read More]
I attended this extraordinary performance last night at the magnificent Riverside Church on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Annette Bening is the host. John Lithgow is... [Read More]
I wish I could say that sales for E. Jean Carroll's "What Do We Need Men For?" have skyrocketed since Friday when news of the... [Read More]
The New Republic magazine, which I didn't know was still in business, has a job opening: Inequality Editor. The job is to produce four columns... [Read More]
Ratings trouble continue for CBS's number 1 show, "The Young and the Restless." For the first week of June, "Y&R" fell below 4 million viewers... [Read More]
Readers of this column know how badly Roseanne Barr fared last month in her short comedy tour. One stop had to be canceled entirely. The... [Read More]
Any movie that made $118 million for a weekend would be considered a huge hit. But "Toy Story 4" has turned out to be a... [Read More]
Read Neil Young's statement below in italics.   Elliot Roberts owes me one of those Pono players. For two years in a row he said... [Read More]
"Toy Story" took in $47,390,000 on Friday night including $12 million of Thursday previews. That's pretty good considering "Toy Story 3," a mega hit, made... [Read More]
E. Jean Carroll, who writes for Elle Magazine and used to have a terrific cable TV show, has accused Donald Trump of raping her circa... [Read More]
"Madame X" will be number 1 for the week just ended thanks to ticket bundling. Madonna's new album is really not the top of the... [Read More]
  An A list crowd turned out last night at the Whitby Hotel on West 56th St. for Avi Belkin's powerhouse documentary about "60 Minutes"... [Read More]
Lincoln Center tributes are always interesting, and even a little weird. What can you do? The main thing is, last night they raised $2 million... [Read More]
Madonna is doubling down on "Madame X." The CD isn't selling except for being included in ticket bundles. That's to be discussed tomorrow. The NY... [Read More]
With the exceptions of People and sometimes US, everything on the supermarket tabloid shelf is made up about celebrities. Everything. So Ashton Kutcher and Mila... [Read More]
Editors Note: This week, Sylvia Miles– who loved a good party more than anyone– was buried in bucolic Woodstock at what she would call an... [Read More]
Sean Penn should be directing a movie called "All in the Family," from the looks of this story. But his movie is "Flag Day," written... [Read More]
All eyes in the film world are starting to look at the Venice Film Festival, which will not have Martin Scorsese's "The Irishman" and likely... [Read More]
First of all, it's hard to believe "Pretty Woman" is still playing on Broadway. It got no Tony nods at all. Nothing. Not for Andy... [Read More]