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For Women's History Month, Vishnu Bunny Tattoo is celebrating local women artists with their upcoming art exhibit HERstory. [Read More]
'A sum of $1,000 is a lot to me and a lot to teachers ... .'... [Read More]
The complicated selection and seeding process is underway. [Read More]
Is there ''skewed representation' on Family Law Committee of the S.D. Bar Association.'... [Read More]
'We are tired of failures and shows.'... [Read More]
A South Dakota committee will take up debate on a proposal to suspend refugee resettlement Wednesday afternoon, opponents said it's unconstitutional... [Read More]
"I've had anywhere from one to a handful of antelope take off down the road ahead of me before, but never a large group as... [Read More]
Argus Leader reporters Matt Zimmer and Mick Garry will provide updates from the South Dakota State University - South Dakota women's basketball game tonight starting... [Read More]
American rock band Imagine Dragons is coming to the Denny Sanford Premier Center this summer. [Read More]
The National Weather Service said Sioux Falls could see 6 inches of snow by this weekend. [Read More]
There hasn't been a ton of moving or shaking since last Wednesday, but here's a look at the current Sweet 16 matchups in Class AA. [Read More]
Grassroots group 'Don't Silence Us' to oppose bills aimed at... [Read More]
The suspect was said to be driving a blue sedan. [Read More]
A video of a herd of antelope running on Elm Springs Road in Meade County on Tuesday, taken by Shawn Barber. [Read More]
Support S.2219, The Stop Truck Underrides Bill of 2017. [Read More]
The fight began at about 6:30 Wednesday morning, police said. [Read More]
In South Dakota, a driver can zip along at 80 mph on the interstate without wearing a  seatbelt while writing a text message and there's no... [Read More]
Offenders who fail to register new addresses a second time could see an increased penalty. [Read More]
DSW is in growth mode, having opened dozens of stores in the last couple of years. [Read More]
God wants us to strive for the common good of all. [Read More]