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Dominic Cummings is urging Tory donors not to hand over any more money to the party while the Brexit Secretary remains in post. [Read More]
The senior civil servant is leaving David Davis' department to become Theresa May's EU adviser. [Read More]
David Davis battles on two fronts: at home, where he faces opposition to the bill and at the EU, where UK plans come under attack. [Read More]
Jean-Claude Juncker said the Brexit Secretary's "apparent lack of involvement" risked endangering the success of divorce talks. [Read More]
As David Davis urges MPs to deliver the key legislation, Labour says it amounts to a power grab by ministers and vows to fight it. [Read More]
The Brexit Secretary believes talks over the UK's financial settlement could last until the eve of departure in March 2019. [Read More]
The strongly worded statement comes as David Davis prepares to deliver a statement in the Commons on divorce talks with the EU. [Read More]
The Cabinet Minister dismisses EU warnings on time running out as a negotiating tactic, but stresses the need for speed at home. [Read More]
The Brexit Secretary also tells business leaders in Washington that Britain will not embrace isolationism after leaving the EU. [Read More]
As formal talks resume, David Davis is pushing to broaden discussions to the post-Brexit relationship between the UK and EU. [Read More]
James Chapman, also a former Daily Mail political editor, says: "I did my best to make Brexit work for a year - and it... [Read More]