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Theresa May arrives in Brussels hoping to save her Brexit deal, while more than one million people sign a petition calling for Article 50 to... [Read More]
As the prime minister tries to get voters in her corner while battling MPs, more than half reject her assertion. [Read More]
The business group and union organisation demand an urgent meeting with Theresa May over her Brexit strategy... [Read More]
The charm falls very flat as Mrs May manages to offend the very people she needs to persuade to vote for her Brexit deal. [Read More]
The prime minister scorns her backbenchers, cabinet and Labour MPs as she blames them for her request to delay Article 50. [Read More]
The prime minister addressed the nation from Downing Street with nine days to go until Brexit. [Read More]
The constitutional wreckage of Theresa May's approach to Brexit is all around us, writes Sky's Lewis Goodall. [Read More]
The prime minister insists it is time for MPs to back her deal in order to achieve Brexit. [Read More]
Theresa May sparks speculation after declaring: "As prime minister, I am not prepared to delay Brexit any further than 30 June." [Read More]
The prime minister finally reveals how long she wants Brexit delayed for - but what will be the response in Brussels? [Read More]
Theresa May confirms that her letter requesting an Article 50 extension will propose delaying Brexit until 30 June. [Read More]
Latest updates as the PM writes to European Council President Donald Tusk to request an Article 50 extension. [Read More]
An extension until 30 June is expected as that is the last day Britain could remain in the EU without taking part in EU elections. [Read More]
The prime minister could face a potential cabinet split, and the threat from Brussels that such a request will be rejected. [Read More]
Sky News' Kate McCann asks if it is any wonder the prime minister keeps quiet rather than risk Cabinet ministers leaking. [Read More]
The PM will write to European Council president Donald Tusk to set out the UK's position on an extension to Article 50. [Read More]
The Brexit secretary says a ruling by the Speaker makes it "more unlikely" a fresh vote on the PM's deal will be held this week. [Read More]
Sky News' senior political correspondent Jon Craig says the PM has more time to win over enough waverers and serial malcontents. [Read More]
In order to finally get her Brexit plan accepted by the House of Commons, the PM needs 75 MPs to drop their opposition. [Read More]
The House of Commons Speaker cites an over 400-year-old rule, which has not been used since 1920. [Read More]