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AmiMoJo shares a report from The Register: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising health professionals to keep an eye on some of... [Read More]
The charmingly outdated media player Winamp is being reinvented as a platform-agnostic audio mobile app that brings together all your music, podcasts, and streaming services... [Read More]
New submitter JustChapman writes: Local Dallas/Fort Worth WFAA is reporting a major outage of AT&T U-Verse fiber internet, due to a lightening strike at a... [Read More]
When a Stanford researcher removed all the duplicate and fake comments filed with the Federal Communications Commission last year, he found that 99.7 percent of... [Read More]
Catalin Cimpanu, reporting for ZDNet: The voter information for approximately 35 million US citizens is being peddled on a popular hacking forum, two threat intelligence... [Read More]
Microsoft today said it plans to disable support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1 in Edge and Internet Explorer browsers by the first... [Read More]
Ian Cutress, writing for AnandTech: One of today's announcements threw up an interesting footnote worthy of further investigation. With its latest products, HP announced that... [Read More]
A new study from Pew Research Center found that most Americans can't tell social media bots from real humans, and most are convinced bots are... [Read More]
Casey Johnston, writing for The Outline: Apple never actually caved to user complaints that its top-of-the-line computers developed sticky or dead keyboards very easily, despite... [Read More]
"Facebook will ban false information about voting requirements and fake reports of violence or long lines at polling stations in the run-up to and during... [Read More]
A an absolute value of PI has been found that has withstood early peer review. This absolute value has MAJOR implications in all areas of... [Read More]
Printer maker Epson is under fire this month from activist groups after a software update prevented customers from using cheaper, third party ink cartridges. It's... [Read More]
Local Dallas/Fort Worth WFAA is reporting a major outage of AT&T U-Verse fiber internet, due to a lightening strike at a switching facility in Richardson,... [Read More]
Morgan Knutson, a UI designer who seven years ago, spent eight months at Google working on its recently shuttered social networking product Google+ and who,... [Read More]
One in five babies worldwide is delivered by Caesarean Section or C-Section, and much of this unwanted and unexpected rise might be due to unnecessary... [Read More]
But what's happening now is different. The U.S. military is attempting to expand its traditional "military-industrial" complex (so named during a cautionary speech by President... [Read More]
Plans to build a British jet-powered car to speed at more than 1,000mph through the desert have hit quicksand, after the company behind the Bloodhound... [Read More]
The history of the first truly discovered exoplanet is a mess. The first pulsar planet was found in 1992 (after the retraction of a discovery... [Read More]
Back in 2005, solar physicists Galina Mashnich and Vladimir Bashkirtsev made a $10,000 bet that global temperatures, driven primarily by changes in the Sun's activity,... [Read More]
Data leak was made possible due to a bug, pretty similar to Facebook's one which caused the Cambridge Analytica scandal. However, Google preferred to keep... [Read More]