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This is still just a predition, but I' d bet real Bitcoins that it's... [Read More]
Earlier this week, Burger King released a broadcast television ad that opened with an actor saying, "Ok, Google: What is The Whopper?" thereby triggering any... [Read More]
The single board computer market, broken wide-open just a few years ago by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, continues to flourish today as FriendELEC releases their... [Read More]
skip to the second half to see anything interesting. Not sure what the ships painting the planet in formation are up to, but I... [Read More]
First, an anonymous reader quotes Inverse: On Saturday, the North Korean military paraded an unprecedented array of weapons through Kim Il-sung Square in the center... [Read More]
Wisconsin congressman F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. defended his decision to help repeal broadband privacy rules by telling a constituent, "Nobody's got to use the Internet."... [Read More]
An anonymous reader quotes ThreatPost: A popular version of the open source Magento ecommerce platform is vulnerable to a zero-day remote code execution vulnerability, putting... [Read More]
We've recently seen stories about old computers and sys-ops resurrecting 1980s BBS's, but now an anonymous reader has a question for all Slashdot readers: Whenever... [Read More]
Slashdot reader Lauren Weinstein thinks Burger King should be prosecuted for successfully running an alternate version of its advertisement to trigger Google Home devices again... [Read More]
New submitter Zmobie writes: In a new program, the U.S. Air Force has converted and tested F-16 planes as drones that are able to fly... [Read More]
YouTube launched its new "YouTube TV" service last week for select markets. One of the biggest features for the service is its DVR functionality, which... [Read More]
Dozens of Drupal developers, core committers, supporters, and funders have issued an open letter to Dries Buytaert (CTO of Acquia, BDFL and trademark owner of... [Read More]
Between endless debates about "native" mobile apps and "mobile-web" apps, the real benefits are lost. Here are some great stats to the argument. [Read More]
Elon Musk has set out to change the world with SpaceX's reusable rockets and Tesla's electric cars, and now he plans to change your brain.... [Read More]
ComputerWorld reports: "Microsoft this week retired the security bulletins that for decades have described each month's slate of vulnerabilities and accompanying patches for customers —... [Read More]
Luckily, there are companies like System76 that sell computers pre-loaded with Linux-based operating systems (with no Windows key on the keyboard!). Its machines come with... [Read More]
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Washington Post: A much-touted feature of Samsung's next smartphones isn't going to work as advertised when the Galaxy... [Read More]
Japanese automakers are looking beyond the industry trend to develop self-driving cars and turning their attention to robots to help keep the country's rapidly graying... [Read More]
During the security audit of Magento Community Edition, a highly popular e-commerce platform, a high risk vulnerability was discovered that could lead to remote code... [Read More]
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