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In an uncivil and unproductive move, Seth Meyers called the Senate version of the Republican healthcare bill "cartoonishly evil" on Monday, saying that ... [Read More]
The trailer for The Foreigner, the upcoming Jackie Chan/Pierce Brosnan thriller from Casino Royale and Goldeneye director Martin Campbell, was released ... [Read More]
If you are older, or on Medicaid, or not extremely wealthy, the bill is bad for you. [Read More]
Señoríta Rodriquez had a thick Nuyorican accent, a shock of white hair, and a dry, sly wit. On the first day of class she made... [Read More]
The rest of the world really does not like this guy. [Read More]
It depends on how willing senators are to vote for hot garbage. [Read More]
Every bill the GOP produces amounts to a wealth transfer from the vulnerable to the rich. [Read More]
The CBO foresees major coverage losses—immediately. [Read More]
Putting the cha-cha back in NYCHA. [Read More]
Maybe money in politics isn't as effective as money without politics. [Read More]
The numbers are here. [Read More]
If you don't have insurance, the Senate's health care bill now stops you from buying it for six months. [Read More]
The Senate bill is the perfect document of the pro-birth, anti-woman, anti-child GOP. [Read More]
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It might pass this week. But it might not! Click for more penetrating insights. [Read More]
According to an expert on planets, some things line up, while other parts of Musk's plan need more work. [Read More]
There are nearly endless avenues for the FBI's special counsel to go down. That's both a blessing and a curse. [Read More]
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While no one was looking, it became the best modern film series we've got. [Read More]
The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it will hear a constitutional challenge to Colorado's LGBTQ nondiscrimination statute next term. The case, M ... [Read More]