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If there are only a handful of companies running AI, then it's unlikely that it will be applied broadly enough, according to Microsoft's strategic policy... [Read More]
The Chinese technology giant said it will start small-scale production and trial operations of driverless minibuses from July 2018 ahead of mass production of its... [Read More]
The Internet of Things extends beyond devices and connectivity.Here's how Forrester predicts IoT will reshape businesses in 2018. [Read More]
The trend is moving in one direction: Everyone will be offering on-demand, no Prime membership required... [Read More]
Monetary Authority of Singapore sets aside S$27 million to drive the adoption of artificial intelligence in the financial sector and inks global partnerships to facilitate... [Read More]
Among other things, developers can now build user experiences that start on Google's voice-activated assistant and move to a user's phone. [Read More]
The playful Snap Spectacles fared no better than Google Glass. Applications and core components must continue to advance to support the potential of smart eyewear. [Read More]
A new agent provides a set of tools for capturing important details and action items from conference calls using a combination of voice command responses... [Read More]
The study was conducted by health startup Cardiogram and UCSF and followed more than 6,000 subjects. [Read More]
It finally happened. Today, all 500 of the world's top 500 supercomputers are running Linux. [Read More]
The number of institutions that see AI as important to their strategies is higher than other countries - but number of real case studies is... [Read More]
Now that the Class of 2017 iPhones have been announced and are shipping, it's time to turn our attention to next year. Here, we present... [Read More]
The ride-hailing company wants to bring its business model to the skies by 2023, an Uber executive said Wednesday. [Read More]
Imagine all enterprise functions automated by software and performed through a single point of access, which happens to be a virtual agent with cognitive capabilities.... [Read More]
Wallets are frozen while Parity works on a solution. [Read More]
3D Systems rolled out a series of systems, software and services aimed at targeting industries. Going vertical is key to the company's turnaround hopes. [Read More]
Microsoft has purchased Swing Technologies, a photo app startup, and is merging its product and people into the Skype team. [Read More]
Google and sensor maker Aclima have finished a two-year air-quality mapping exercise of major Californian areas. [Read More]
Better radar could help bring crash-avoidance out of the realm of luxury vehicles and usher in affordable automation... [Read More]
What does a CIO do and how do they relate to the CTO and CDO? Everything you need to know about the role of the... [Read More]
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