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New Venice is a palafito town of the Marsh of Santa Marta, between Cartagena and Santa Marta, main cities of the Colombian Caribbean. Its 3,000... [Read More]
Each of the small houses in the college was built by the monks themselves. In the early morning, the monks had begun their morning classes,... [Read More]
The exhibition, which will also travel to New York, explores the history of magic to mark the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter... [Read More]
We put some common myths to rest—and help you tackle your next turkey dinner with confidence... [Read More]
A man with the name of Wilfred Pickles brought regional dialect to the BBC as part of an anti-Nazi-propaganda strategy... [Read More]
It's titled 'It's All Right — He Only Died'... [Read More]
X-rays have revealed the last bit of... [Read More]
An American Tree Sparrow is feeding on goldenrod seeds in a weedy patch. The important of native plants! [Read More]
A tiger moth hangs out in a bush along the Blue Ridge in western Loudoun County, Virginia, just south of Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. [Read More]
a person's sincerity can be seen only in the temple.... [Read More]
Live Music at a Church in Brooklyn as part of the Northside Festival. [Read More]
Little jellyfish swimming in their tank. I saw the jellyfish and took multiple pictures near the glass of the tank. I later selected this photo... [Read More]
I went for a walk in my local cemetery and was able to catch this sunset through the trees. It looks almost paranormal. [Read More]
Police grab for pepper spray as they face off with protesters in Washington DC on Inauguration Day 2017. [Read More]
Taking time out of the raft and steeping back to a time when people truly loved the land. A time lost by greed, corruption, and... [Read More]
Brooklyn Museum and National Museum of Women in the Arts revisit the artist's celebration of unrecognized women, female body... [Read More]
The National Portrait Gallery kicks off its 50th anniversary with the exhibition... [Read More]
The group of worker from the local fish market from Yangon, Myanmar. [Read More]
The highly anticipated museum hopes to offer something for visitors of all faiths, but on a topic as fraught as religion, that may not be... [Read More]
Then some politicians got angry... [Read More]