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Artifacts in the sprawling collection include a Chilean potato plant collected by Charles Darwin and 18th-century lavender... [Read More]
Museum of the City of New York's latest exhibition puts the spotlight on these 19th-century women who defied Victorian ideals... [Read More]
A study shows that methane emissions are responsible for the increase of noctilucent clouds, which glow eerily at night... [Read More]
This shot was taken in Pinnacles National park on a moonless night. The Milky Way can be seen rising across the night sky. [Read More]
Climbed up to this alpine lake right at timberline in the White River National Forest with two buddies who were fishing. While they were doing... [Read More]
This is one of the most photographed places in the United States so I wanted to capture the beauty of the bells while looking down... [Read More]
We hiked the Tallulah gorge down to the ground level but on the way it was nice to capture an overwhelming image of the gorge... [Read More]
In a beautiful sunset evening, driving up the dirt road towards the Piney Guard Station I encountered a huge field of wildflowers that have all... [Read More]
I hiked 8 miles roundtrip, to see this beautiful statement of the history of the West and the United States overall. This power station used... [Read More]
Biologists now understand a key part of the molecular process that results in body odor—and deodorants might just be able to disrupt it... [Read More]
In 1541, roughly 35,000 Quijos lived in the valley. By the 1580s, they had vanished, leaving little evidence of their existence behind... [Read More]
The Iron Age artifacts were sealed in a subterranean chamber of the Cairns Broch, a tower-like stone structure... [Read More]
Natural beauty at its finest. [Read More]
This lovely visitor stopped by my mom's flower garden on a perfect summer day. [Read More]
Black cooks created the feasts that gave the South its reputation for hospitality... [Read More]
The structure, inlaid with beautiful colored marble, was built around the time that Christianity began to gain widespread acceptance... [Read More]
Don't call it a comeback. With a new movie and new music on the way, ABBA remains as relevant as ever... [Read More]
What dead crows can teach us about the connections between sex and aggression... [Read More]
Contraband pelts and scales can serve as educational tools, add to research collections and even offer clues back to smugglers... [Read More]
A marauding polar bear is about to be returned to the the wild, as far away as possible from the town of Churchill. To do... [Read More]