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In Pilanesberg National Park poachers target rhinos every few days. We speak to park manager Johnson Maoka, about the challenges of his job and the... [Read More]
art for earth' is Indian contemporary artist Manav Gupta's brainchild of 20 years and it explores the meaning of life. 'Arth' means 'wealth' and 'meaning'... [Read More]
The seeds and chalky powder inside the pods have become a global health craze celebrated for their vitamin-packed properties and now used in everything from... [Read More]
In a unanimous ruling hailed by activists campaigning for the legalization of marijuana, the judges declared unconstitutional three sections of the Constitution that prohibited cannabis... [Read More]
Getty Grilling is a big deal in South Africa. We even have a day dedicated to it—September 24, Heritage Day, AKA Braai Day; a public... [Read More]
Read more about South African court frees cannabis from the shackles of its colonial past on Business Standard. Cannabis has a deep precolonial past in... [Read More]
From before dawn, 54-year-old grandmother Annah Muvhali weaves between baobab trees that loom over her rural South African home, collecting fruit that enthusiasts worldwide hail... [Read More]
Nelson Mandela's South African journey from anti-apartheid leader to prisoner to president to global statesman is one of the 20th century's great stories of struggle,... [Read More]
India News: "The three men of Indian, South African and Burkinabe nationality were kidnapped by unidentified armed men" between the Inata gold mine and... [Read More]
An Indian and a South African were among three mine workers kidnapped in a northern part of Burkina Faso which has been repeatedly targeted by... [Read More]
The selling points are abundant farmland, relative safety and a country that holds tight to traditional Christian values... [Read More]
South Africa has selected Sew the Winter to My Skin as its submission for the best foreign-language film category for the Oscars. [Read More]
South Africa's former president has fuelled speculation that he is seeking self- imposed exile after he left the country unannounced to attend a meeting in... [Read More]
The government-appointed inquiry has warned that the political killings are a 'serious pathology' that could easily spread to other regions where the same root causes... [Read More]
The sales pitch includes abundant land, relative safety and Putin's disdain for the liberal West. [Read More]
Michael Cheika is remaining coy on whether he will bring Bernard Foley back into the starting side at No.10 against South Africa. [Read More]
"The Daily Show" host and comedian Trevor Noah spoke at the Lied Center Saturday night, using his own identity and experiences to explain today's social... [Read More]
South Africa and Namibia are currently dealing with the thorny issue of land expropriation. The main problem is the expropriation of the disproportionate amount of... [Read More]
Athletes from African nations competing in the 2018 World Equestrian Games celebrated the contributions and traditions of African competitors in equestrian sports through the years... [Read More]
IT was billed as the Winter Love Island, but sadly ITV's ambitious show Survival of the Fittest received something of a frosty reception. And I... [Read More]