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The out-of-town, post-high school students at Yeshiva Tiferes Torah in central Boca Raton weathered Hurricane Irma by feverishly studying Torah. [Read More]
It wasn't Hurricane Irma's powerful winds that killed Floridians. They died from drownings, heart attacks, electrocution, carbon monoxide poisoning and in crashes and falls, among... [Read More]
Two community watchmen, trying to thwart looters after Hurricane Irma, snared a man at gunpoint — but he turned out to be an Uber Eats... [Read More]
An 11th person has died as a result of stifling heat at a Hollywood nursing home that lost power during Hurricane Irma. Constance Alice Thomas,... [Read More]
On behalf of those affected by Hurricane Irma, Boys Town Jerusalem has begun a... [Read More]
As Puerto Rico looks at weeks or even months without power due to Hurricane Maria, in Florida we're in hindsight mode post-Irma. A criminal investigation into ten... [Read More]
Katz Hillel Day School of Boca Raton organized a Hurricane Irma relief effort recently — in conjunction with the Aventura Crime Prevention Unit — for... [Read More]
The feared direct hit to South Florida from Hurricane Irma never happened. But most people lost power anyway, enduring days of dark houses, cold meals... [Read More]
Due to Hurricane Irma, the Sun Sentinel has extended the deadline for entries to its annual Top Workplace of the Year program, where local employers... [Read More]
Hydration will be important today as South Florida continues to recover from Hurricane Irma... [Read More]
As South Floridians start recovering after Hurricane Irma, how do they tell who works for FEMA and who is a con artist? For starters, Federal... [Read More]
After Hurricane Irma hit, Dania's lifeguards saved a different kind of victim: The beach. They used chainsaws to cut back fallen palm trees and... [Read More]
Happy Thursday and L'Shana Tova to all the Chosen People. We're continuing to pick up the pieces from Hurricane Irma here in the year 5778.... [Read More]
Hurricane Irma has generated 496,532 insurance claims worth an estimated $2.7 billion so far in Florida... [Read More]
Less than two weeks after Hurricane Irma hit South Florida, local casinos are back to normal operations. Mardi Gras Casino, however, remains closed. "A... [Read More]
Last night marked the first day of the Jewish New Year, when Jews of diverse backgrounds and affiliations welcomed Rosh Hashana in some form or... [Read More]
The elderly people who died in a stifling nursing home after Hurricane Irma had body temperatures as high as 109.9. They'd suffered for three... [Read More]
A baby born during Hurricane Irma was found dead days later, the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office said Wednesday. [Read More]
The Federal Emergency Management Agency opened South Florida's first disaster recovery center on Wednesday to help victims of Hurricane Irma get back on their feet.... [Read More]
They spent their days cleaning up Hurricane Irma's mess, but at night there was no place to house them. So hundreds of National Guard... [Read More]