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The Northwestern Pacific Ocean generated another tropical depression hours after a different system quickly faded. NASA's Aqua satellite provided a look at Tropical Depression 27W... [Read More]
In the backdrop of speculation of Telangana TDP working president A Revanth Reddy soon joining the Congress, the State Politburo and Central Committee members of... [Read More]
Mississippi University for Women is hosting "Intersections of Gender and Place," an art exhibition that focuses on women artists in the South whose work relates... [Read More]
Jupiter has a bunch of moons, Saturn has rings, and Earth has life (that's pretty cool), but what about Mars? Well, as it turns out,... [Read More]
Despite attempts to establish reviews over IT investments, NASA's IT governance is falling behind, according to a recent agency inspector general report. ... [Read More]
This is part of CNET's series, "Rebooting the Reef," on efforts to save one of the world's greatest natural wonders.  Richard Vevers, a British underwater... [Read More]
Despite the successful test, United Launch Alliance is not ready to downselect between the Blue Origin engine and Aerojet Rocketdyne's AR1. [Read More]
Nasa completed the test, which lasted 500 seconds, at the Stennis Space Centre in Mississippi at 14:55 CST (20:55 BST) yesterday. [Read More]
With the help of NASA and Google, you can take a walk on Mars from your living room. NASA and Google teamed up to create... [Read More]
NASA is going to let the Dawn spacecraft get closer to dwarf planet Ceres and take up permanent orbit. Ceres is the largest rock... [Read More]
Read more about Nasa's Dawn mission set for close look at dwarf planet Ceres on Business Standard. NASA has approved a second extension of... [Read More]
While it's not as dangerous as venturing into space 250 miles above Earth, NASA attempting to bring part of that experience to the Earth-bound. [Read More]
Some of the brightest and swiftest shooting stars will bedazzle the night sky this year during the Orionid meteor shower, which will peak between Oct.... [Read More]
NASA has already found tons of exoplanets around nearby stars, and will spot countless more once the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) launches. The problem... [Read More]
A NASA spacecraft has discovered that the magnetic tail of Mars is twisted by the solar wind, giving it a unique tail unlike anything seen... [Read More]
Over the next several days, you may get a chance to glimpse a "shooting star" in the predawn hours, as the Orionid meteor shower will... [Read More]
Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch was ejected Thursday night after shoving an official when he ran onto the field during a scuffle against the... [Read More]
ABC FOX Montana provides local news, breaking news, weather, sports and information for Western and South Central Montana. Tune in to the ABC News at... [Read More]
With a dark moon, this year's Orionid meteor shower could make for some fantastic viewing. [Read More]