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We hope a much larger percentage of voters turn out next week than is usual for April elections        ... [Read More]
The question Springfield voters must ask themselves before April 4 is: What makes a good school?        ... [Read More]
As the April 4 mayoral election approaches, both candidates say they want to bolster the police force.        ... [Read More]
       ... [Read More]
The instructional environment is a key component of the student experience and therefore, student success        ... [Read More]
Students of the 21st century have more complex needs than those who grew up years ago. School buildings should reflect this.        ... [Read More]
Great schools positively impact the whole community.        ... [Read More]
His goals are to bring in more and better jobs, create a safer community, and to make Springfield a place that young professionals want to... [Read More]
Should bond issue pass, the dialogue which ensues should be informed by a broadly shared understanding of "equity."        ... [Read More]
The upkeep of the basic infrastructure is needed at this point        ... [Read More]
Join us in voting "yes" on April 4 for our kids, for our community.        ... [Read More]
There's a distinct smell in the air around Ozark right now.        ... [Read More]
Your guide to Springfield-area events in the month of April... [Read More]
Springfield mayor and Greene County presiding commissioner to proclaim American Red Cross centennial year        ... [Read More]
The CBCO urges people to donate blood... [Read More]
Highway160, which was closed from South Street to Rosedale Road, reopened Saturday afternoon. [Read More]
Bears don't have a quarterback who has taken a game snap at this level of competition... [Read More]
Early cutting results in fewer bales, but more nutritious ones.        ... [Read More]
Business News is a roundup of local business information        ... [Read More]
Bears Business Brief is a weekly column provided by the Missouri State business department. [Read More]