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Do shows and theaters get short shrift in Branson's taxpayer-funded marketing? Many say yes. Others see a big picture that's bright.        ... [Read More]
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Lawmakers also discussed a 'bathroom bill,' but may leave decisions on accommodating transgender students to schools.        ... [Read More]
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In 1924, quotas were assigned to various nations to allow fair immigration.        ... [Read More]
As usual, Billy Long and the Republican party ignore the facts        ... [Read More]
They should publish only the "alternative facts" that our president obtained from things he remembers seeing, things people are saying, etc.        ... [Read More]
There's never been a time that our representatives in Congress need to seek out the concerns and opinions of their constituents more.        ... [Read More]
I would like to respond a letter from Jack E. Hembree (Please keep the faith, protesters).        ... [Read More]
When facing hardship, trucking company owner bucked down and started over        ... [Read More]
Ask your flocks to be more like Christ        ... [Read More]
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May God bless him        ... [Read More]
Media complicit in deception        ... [Read More]
Bears are the comeback kids again at Nashville tournament        ... [Read More]
Mark McCauley, bass singer for the New South quartet, performs during a Grand Jubilee performance at Grand Country Music Hall in Branson, Mo. on Jan.... [Read More]
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Constituents should at least get the chance to decide        ... [Read More]