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A Russian woman was found shot to death "execution style" by her boyfriend in Oregon, just seven weeks after immigrating to the United States. [Read More]
A US Army veteran and her boyfriend have been arrested and charged after they filmed themselves tying her service dog to a tree and shooting... [Read More]
Chinese troops stationed along the border with North Korea have been placed on high alert, according to Japanese daily newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun. [Read More]
The United States will seek to influence individual UN member states to exert pressure and effect the denuclearization of North Korea, US Department of State... [Read More]
Sputnik is a major new media brand with modern multimedia centers in dozens of countries. Sputnik is uniquely positioned as a provider of alternative news... [Read More]
A few days after Sunday's first round of voting in France's heated presidential race, Western officials and media have decided to dust off the old... [Read More]
Imagine that you lead the US deep state, and you are observing the real-time flow of Western technology, industry and next-generation skills to the East... [Read More]
Amid unfounded, yet widely peddled allegations of Russian psy-ops with the intent to influence elections, Denmark has joined the accusers' chorus by claiming Russia has... [Read More]
French politician and head of the 4th District of Paris Christophe Girard published and immediately deleted a post on his Twitter, in which he hinted... [Read More]
Sputnik and Russian broadcaster All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) opened an exhibition titled Syria: A Photo Chronicle of the War on April... [Read More]
Popular Fox News host Bill O'Reilly is taking a leave of absence from his hit show "The O'Reilly Factor" amid sexual harassment allegations that prompted... [Read More]
A Senior White House Official told reporters that the United States is "fully supportive" of the Geneva peace process and that Secretary of State Rex... [Read More]
Serbian President-elect Aleksandar Vucic said Wednesday that Belgrade wants to preserve good ties with Russia, while steering toward accession to the European Union. [Read More]
As the US Navy's Carrier Strike Group One makes its rounds through the Korean Peninsula with the Nimitz class Carl Vinson aircraft carrier flanked by... [Read More]
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and a deputy are registering as agents of a foreign government over work they did on behalf of an... [Read More]
The forcible removal of a passenger from a United Airlines plane after they overbooked his flight has quickly gone viral in an untempered PR disaster... [Read More]
Georgia will get over $285.3 million in the next three years from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to carry out a package of economic reforms... [Read More]
China's abstention in the UN Security Council vote on Wednesday on a draft resolution concerning the chemical attack in Syria was not a result of... [Read More]
Most people have at least heard of the Great Red Spot, a storm on Jupiter three times the size of Earth itself that has raged... [Read More]
Over a dozen people were injured in a "stick shaker" accident on a flight from Melbourne, Australia to Hong Kong, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau... [Read More]
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