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Turkey's long-term credit and unsecured bonds rating levels have been downgraded to B1 and (P)B1, Moody's Investor Services announced in a statement. [Read More]
US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's decision to not comply with the request by the House of Representatives Way and Means Committee to provide President Donald... [Read More]
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shared the US assessment of incidents in the Gulf of Oman with Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi, State Department... [Read More]
US Senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in a statement called on President Donald Trump to refrain from using recent incidents in the... [Read More]
President Donald Trump in a statement said he called the CEO of US weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin about continuing Sikorsky aircraft plant operations in Pennsylvania... [Read More]
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to Tehran was doomed from the outset given the US offer he delivered was impossible for any reasonable government... [Read More]
The legal defence team of US citizen Paul Whelan, who is detained in Russia on charges of espionage, filed an appeal against the Russian authorities... [Read More]
The United States is focused on building international consensus after a series of attacks that have occurred in the Middle East, US Acting Secretary of... [Read More]
President Donald Trump said on Friday that he will bring back his former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Tom Homan to serve... [Read More]
The Trump administration's lighting quick claims of knowing the culprit behind alleged attacks on two oil tankers in the Persian Gulf is very suspicious and... [Read More]
A US court in the state of Utah is scheduled to issue a sentence in the case of Russian video game developer Oleg Tishchenko, accused... [Read More]
The Trump administration must impose additional sanctions on Iran for its alleged role in the attacks against tankers in the Gulf of Oman, US Senator... [Read More]
President Donald Trump said the United States and Iran are not yet at the stage where either country is prepared to even consider negotiating an... [Read More]
The United States believes that Iran is behind Thursday's attacks on two tanker vessels in the Gulf of Oman, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo... [Read More]
The US military has successfully completed its first test of the hypersonic AGM-183A weapon in an air base in the state of California, the Air... [Read More]
US lawmakers have issued subpoenas to force former Trump aides Rick Gates and Michael Flynn to testify in their ongoing investigation into alleged Russian interference... [Read More]
US President Donald Trump confirmed on Wednesday that he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the upcoming G-20 Summit in... [Read More]
US President Donald Trump told reporters on Wednesday that he has no deadline for China to make progress in the trade talks before deciding to... [Read More]
The Trump administration was justified in its decision to expedite 22 arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates due to the alleged... [Read More]
President Donald Trump has ordered US regulators to streamline and accelerate the process for approving genetically engineered agricultural products, the White House said in a... [Read More]
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