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Kavanaugh Faces Senate for Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings The ideological balance of the Supreme Court hangs on one man, waiting to give conservatives the edge.... [Read More]
What really changes with a new trade agreement between the US and Mexico? The two countries have agreed on several updates to NAFTA and President... [Read More]
In Vietnam, the media have put out tributes to John McCain who died on Saturday. Even some ordinary citizens have laid flowers at the lake... [Read More]
1. Hurricane Harvey made landfall this week last year, when it slammed into Texas's Gulf Coast as a Category 4 storm. Harvey killed 66 people and... [Read More]
Some residents in Puerto Rico are still waiting to get their electricity back on almost a year after Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated the island.... [Read More]
Very few state prisons offer adequate treatment for inmates who are addicted to opioids. We report on how a failure to treat those who are... [Read More]
Back in February, Puerto Rico's governor announced plans to introduce a new charter school and voucher system to the island. And on Monday, Puerto Rico's... [Read More]
Pennsylvania's Attorney General released a grand jury report on Tuesday documenting decades of child sexual abuse by over three hundred Catholic priests in the state.... [Read More]
There are a lot of ups and downs in the US-Iran relationship. Host Carol Hills speaks with reporter Thomas Erdbrink about what it's like to... [Read More]
Leaders in the US intelligence community say Russia is still trying to interfere in American elections. Also, the long process of identifying the remains of... [Read More]
On Monday, a judge ordered the federal government to stop drugging immigrant children without proper consent and to remove them from the Shiloh Treatment Center... [Read More]
We take a big look at MS-13 in light of new data that shows Americans fears about the street gang; a look at a new tool... [Read More]
How both the far right in Germany and America have come to define the immigration debate around the world. And Minnesota regulators open final arguments... [Read More]
"...We just never wanted to make white people uncomfortable." [Read More]
In Marion, Ohio, a city of about 35,000 people an hour north of Columbus, eight migrant teenagers from Guatemala found themselves trapped in a trafficking... [Read More]
The Tony Award winner makes the case for why middle age is the best. [Read More]
How the jazz great ditched guitar picks and created a masterpiece. [Read More]
April 26, 2018: The National Memorial For Peace And Justice opens in Montgomery, Alabama today. The monument, conceived by the Equal Justice Initiative, intends to memorialize... [Read More]
Today on the show, we explore a global problem that you may not even realize is a problem: loneliness. Also, we have an update on... [Read More]
President Donald Trump says Mexico isn't doing enough to stop the flow of migrants across the border. We'll do a bit of digging and find... [Read More]