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Highway 6 through EagleVail's business district will go on a diet in 2021 - cinching its belt from five lanes to three.With the narrower road,... [Read More]
Resorts across the mountain resort region set a new ski season record for lodging occupancy, rate and revenue. Vail Valley lodging had a very good... [Read More]
What's the highest ethic? Protect people's liberties when enemies menace them? Or, promote "law and order" to protect those in political power? Winston Churchill defended the first... [Read More]
The Colorado River east of Grand Junction in DeBeque Canyon is forecast to hit its annual peak Saturday, in a quick climb to 21,000 cubic... [Read More]
Fathers provide more than food and shelter. They provide lifelong memories and experiences that help shape who we are. Even though some wildlife dads leave... [Read More]
Let's let George Boardman take all the vaccinations the children are supposed to take and let's see how he feels.Put his money where his mouth... [Read More]
Nevada County hasn't escaped the American housing crisis. Since 1960, renters' median earnings throughout the nation have gone up 5 percent while rents have risen... [Read More]
Saturday noon went shopping to Penney's; my wife was in the store and I was walking to join her. As I was walking past a... [Read More]
If you live in a big city, the newspapers are full of things to do: plays, musicals, movies, new restaurants, professional sporting events, conventions, you... [Read More]
Members of the Nevada City Inner Wheel Club recently donated children's pajamas to the KARE Crisis Nursery. Pictured, from left, Mary Krill, Nevada City Inner... [Read More]
The old adage, "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it" has played out at the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum... [Read More]
Where do plastics come from and where do they go after use?The Golden Empire Chapter of the United Nations Association of the USA is trying... [Read More]
On Tuesday, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors along with county staff from the board office, county executive office, Office of Emergency Services, county counsel... [Read More]
NID management has budgeted $16 million dollars to date, to dam Bear River; without a project, without a permit, and without any approvals. They have... [Read More]
Spanx the Manx is a firsky, quirky, playful female manx cat that is great with other cats and is currently the counter favorite at Sammie's... [Read More]
The Union publishes Club News each Saturday. To share the latest from your western Nevada County club or organization, email Unfortunately only a small... [Read More]
Every once and a while I become amazed by some natural phenomena that indisputably supports the quality of our lives. First it was natural eating... [Read More]
The building of The Heritage Garden at the North Star House was a larger endeavor than the North Star Historic Conservancy ever imagined, but now... [Read More]
Until now, the California Public Utilities Commission has appeared to work responsibly at minimizing future wildfire risks in this thoroughly singed state, certifying new safety... [Read More]
I don't know where to begin. PG&E doesn't spend enough money on vegetation management and maintenance as required by law to maintain in a safe... [Read More]