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Many happy returns of the day, Prince George! [Read More]
The U.S. Secret Service says that's standard for all gifts to the President... [Read More]
Of the 31 people aboard, only 14 survived... [Read More]
The forensic sciences department has been overwhelmed by the amount of bodies... [Read More]
He is believed to be the last surviving member of his tribe... [Read More]
Seventeen people died in the accident... [Read More]
People were injured after a tornado slammed into an agricultural machinery plant outside of Des Moines Iowa... [Read More]
The Trump administration proposed ending protections for threatened animals and plants meant to shield recovering species from harm... [Read More]
Read the latest stories about Aaron D. Miller, Richard Sokolsky on Time... [Read More]
At least 17 people are dead after a duck boat with tourists sank in a heavy storm near Branson, Missouri on Thursday. [Read More]
Lena Dunham and Alec Baldwin headline a star-studded list of celebrities who have opened their wallets for Cynthia Nixon's campaign for governor of New York. [Read More]
The LIBRE Initiative is revving up a grassroots effort to lobby Congress, backed by the billion brothers Charles and David Koch. [Read More]
Here's what the students have to say... [Read More]
The White House was supportive of the praises Brett Kavanaugh's students sang who remarked on everything from his teaching to his hair. [Read More]
Prince Charles kept in touch with Bishop Peter Ball for more than two decades after the clergyman admitted to sexually abusing a young man. [Read More]
President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin today in Helsinki. Read a transcript of their joint press conference. [Read More]
Ohio State says more than 100 former students have provided firsthand accounts of sexual misconduct by now-dead physician Richard Strauss. [Read More]
No Internet naming competition is safe... [Read More]
In the post-Boaty McBoatface era, apparently no Internet naming competition is safe from those hoping to recreate the iconic viral prank. [Read More]
Amazon and Sur la Table both have great deals on Instant Pot models. You'll find cheap prices on both the DUO and LUX lines. [Read More]
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