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A venerable rover helps make music... [Read More]
A draft filing argues that President Donald Trump sidestepped the Constitution... [Read More]
Maryland is challenging in court President Trump's appointment of Matthew Whitaker as the new U.S. acting attorney general. [Read More]
Depite a report to the contrary, the BlacKKKlansman director is very much alive... [Read More]
Despite a report to the contrary, the BlacKKKlansman director is very much alive. [Read More]
Amazon revealed the location of its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, but people are confused over the apparent rename of Crystal City. [Read More]
He's a very good dog, no matter his politics... [Read More]
After losing her Senate bid, Republican candidate Martha McSally shared a concession video starring her now-famous dog Boomer. [Read More]
"At this point everybody is qualified and everyone should run," she said... [Read More]
Former First Lady Michelle Obama said her daughter, Sasha, should run against President Trump in the 2020 Presidential elections. [Read More]
This is one of the most heart-warming videos you will ever see... [Read More]
One of the most heart-warming videos you will ever see is the viral video capturing refugee children enjoying snow for the first time. [Read More]
Before meeting her date for prom, Malia Obama wanted only one thing from her parents President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama: for them... [Read More]
The First Daughter asked Michelle and Barack to "just be cool please" on the evening of her prom, as Michelle shares in her new book... [Read More]
The ranked-choice system requires additional voting rounds to reach a majority... [Read More]
Modern historians tend to underestimate the role of technical ingenuity in achieving these dazzling ancient artworks... [Read More]
Walmart has launched an early Black Friday sales with low price toy deals available right now to shoppers, more than a week before Black Friday... [Read More]
Images show thick plumes of wildfire smoke rising above California... [Read More]
The Marvel maven died at 95 on Nov. 12, 2018... [Read More]
In an unprecedented effort to combat hate speech, Facebook will open its doors to French regulators to examine how content is monitored... [Read More]