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A reader asks what she should do if she lost a paper savings bond, and how to replace the asset. If this happens to you, follow these steps. [Read More]
There are stark differences across a range of economic indicators - from pay to student debt, retirement savings to home ownership & health... [Read More]
Up to 2.5 million Filipinos, including gangsters and criminals, flooded Manila for the annual Feast of the Black Nazerene... [Read More]
Up to 2.5 million Filipinos, including gangsters and criminals, gathered for the annual Catholic procession of redemption against the backdrop of President Duterte's brutal war on drugs... [Read More]
The gap between rich and poor is starker than ever, Oxfam says, with eight men owning as much wealth as 3.6 billion other people. [Read More]
Oxfam says the gap between the very rich and poor is far greater than just a year ago... [Read More]
Two bombs exploded at dawn Monday at Nigeria's University of Maiduguri, killing at least five people, witnesses and police said. [Read More]
Taiwan's President makes a visit to Central America one day after Donald Trump says U.S. recognition of "one China" is up for "negotiation" [Read More]
China's state-run media has described the U.S. President-elect's suggested use of Taiwan as a bargaining chip as "despicable." [Read More]
Trump wants to negotiate on Taiwan, but that, Beijing says, means that it will have "no choice but to take off the gloves" [Read More]
The Boeing 747 reportedly crashed as it tried to land in heavy fog... [Read More]
The outgoing CIA director charged that Donald Trump lacks a full understanding of the threat Moscow poses to the U.S. [Read More]
Twenty-six inmates were killed in eruptions of violence inside two prisons in northern Brazil, officials said. [Read More]
President-elect Donald Trump said Britain's decision to leave the European Union would "end up being a great thing" [Read More]
John Brennan suggests the President-elect might not have a "full appreciation" of what closer ties to Moscow would mean for the U.S. [Read More]
At a Donald Trump mask factory in China, workers aren't worried that a potential trade war with the U.S. could slow their production line. [Read More]
Fighting between rival gangs broke out at two facilities near the city of Natal... [Read More]
The President-elect indicated that he was indifferent to whether the European bloc stays together or not... [Read More]
Republican Congressman Mike Coffman left a meeting to talk about upcoming changes to Obamacare early on Saturday... [Read More]
The Florida newborn abducted from her family in the hospital has reunited with her family after 18 years... [Read More]