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My mind cannot grasp what is real and what is not. Sen. Al Franken, a man of such integrity, is tossed aside like rubbish with... [Read More]
One of my biggest questions regarding the Republicans' tax scheme is simply, why now? [Read More]
The initial Republican establishment response to Judge Roy Moore was that he should withdraw from the Alabama Senate race. After realizing Moore was the only... [Read More]
Washington center Coleman Shelton talks about the offensive line and how being "nasty" can be a good thing. [Read More]
The league should ditch the "gentlemen's agreement" on kneel downs only in games that are within a single score in the final two minutes. [Read More]
Find gjetost and other Scandinavian delights on the menu at 208 Garfield in Parkland through mid-January. [Read More]
Injuries to linebackers Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright make it five Pro Bowl players hurt in or out of Seattle's defense. And here come the... [Read More]
With a vote looming Thursday by the Federal Communications Commission to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules, some lawmakers in Washington are trying to preserve protections... [Read More]
Naima Lowe, a media arts professor, resigned Dec. 6, according to Evergreen spokesman Zach Powers. Lowe had been on personal leave since the beginning of... [Read More]
Puyallup Police Chief Bryan Jeter will retire at the end of the year, The Puyallup Herald learned Monday. [Read More]
One resident suffered burns while escaping a two-story house fire on Fawcett Avenue on Tuesday morning in Tacoma. [Read More]
Wagner will be a game-time decision vs L.A.; Wright, same thing, though made a good "turn" from concussion. [Read More]
Two protesters scaled a fence, chained themselves to a crane and unfurled a banner Monday at the site of a liquefied natural gas storage facility... [Read More]
Air pollution from wood smoke and other sources reached unsafe levels in Tacoma Sunday night. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency has issued a burn... [Read More]
Good grief, when is enough enough? There are so many questions, and none of this is new. [Read More]
I, like many of you, was addicted. [Read More]
Two players were ejected amid scuffles on the field... [Read More]
Seattle's coach had plenty to say, and confirm from the NFL, the day after one of the ugliest finishes to a Seahawks game in many... [Read More]
Central Washington University could not confirm Monday the nature of the investigation into Matt Manweller or any further details about it. The school's decision comes... [Read More]
VietNom Nom served its last meal in November. Its founders are retiring from the food truck business. Their truck is for sale. [Read More]