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As polls closed in Alabama Tuesday night in the special election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Senate seat, NBC News, CNN and Fox News... [Read More]
Attorney General Jeff Sessions would not say who he voted for in Tuesday's Alabama special election to fill the Senate seat he vacated to join... [Read More]
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Monday called the special election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Senate seat "one of the most significant... [Read More]
Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore said Sunday that the election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Senate seat is "probably a referendum on the... [Read More]
Video published Thursday by ABC News of a Q&A between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Justice Department interns shows Sessions arguing for conservative positions on... [Read More]
The attacks on San Francisco and other cities with similar immigration policies began moments after a jury acquitted a Mexican man of killing a woman... [Read More]
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