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The jury in the Paul Manafort bank and tax fraud trial asked the court to be dismissed... [Read More]
The judge presiding over the federal bank and tax fraud case against Paul Manafort on Friday declined... [Read More]
A verdict could come at any moment in the Alexandria, Virginia federal courtroom where former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort... [Read More]
President Donald Trump on Friday expressed sympathy for his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort while a jury at a federal... [Read More]
The federal judge in Virginia overseeing the trial of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort signaled Friday that he is... [Read More]
The jury in the Paul Manafort trial sent out a note to Judge T.S. Ellis Thursday afternoon. It's unclear what... [Read More]
Kevin Downing, the lead attorney for Paul Manafort, is pacing around the lobby of this hotel in Alexandria, Virginia, across... [Read More]
Prosecutor Greg Andres completed his closing statement in Paul Manafort's Virginia trial on Wednesday morning, emphasizing to... [Read More]
We haven't heard much from the defense during Paul Manafort's financial crimes trial. Manafort's lawyers didn't call any witnesses or... [Read More]
Closing arguments in the Paul Manafort trial will begin Wednesday morning, U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis indicated... [Read More]
Lawyers representing Paul Manafort have rested their case in his financial crimes trial. The move followed arguments... [Read More]
Good morning. The prosecution rested its case yesterday in Paul Manafort's financial crimes trial; now it's the defense's turn. Here's... [Read More]
Prosecutors rested their case against Paul Manafort Monday afternoon. More soon …... [Read More]
In the Paul Manafort trial, we're nearing the end of the prosecution's case-in-chief. Since the trial resumed early this afternoon,... [Read More]
James Brennan, an employee at the Federal Savings Bank where former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort successfully obtained $16 million... [Read More]
Just because a bank CEO was aware that Paul Manafort was committing bank fraud doesn't make Manafort's conduct any less... [Read More]
The proceedings in Paul Manafort's Virginia trial will begin for the week at 1 p.m. this afternoon, and the lawyers... [Read More]