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Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating the Trump campaign's data operation in the months leading up to the election, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.... [Read More]
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the Justice Department official with oversight of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, said Wednesday that he saw no good... [Read More]
The FBI agent who was removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team in August, Peter Strzok, called President Donald Trump "awful" and an "idiot" during the... [Read More]
Rep. Steve Russell (R-OK) said Friday that special counsel Robert Mueller "is not being favorable to the President." During an interview, CNN's Poppy Harlow asked... [Read More]
By Monday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team will have handed over to Paul Manafort's and Rick Gates' attorneys 400,000 items of evidence in its case... [Read More]
Paul Manafort's attorneys on Thursday pushed back on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's claim that Manafort had violated a judge's gag order by assisting in an... [Read More]
An attorney representing Rick Gates suggested Monday that he had been informed by prosecutors that they may bring more charges against Gates, who faces federal... [Read More]
President Trump's television lawyer Jay Sekulow releases a statement denying that Robert Mueller's probe has subpoenaed bank records from Deutsche Bank. "We have confirmed... [Read More]
A Justice Department report released Tuesday shows Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation spending $3.2 million between its formation in mid-May and the end September. The... [Read More]
The German bank that has lent President Trump hundreds of millions of dollars over the years was subpoenaed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, Reuters... [Read More]
The agreement that Paul Manafort and Special Counsel Robert Mueller had seemed to have come to on releasing him from home arrest has fallen apart... [Read More]
House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) has suggested he will move to hold top Justice Department officials in contempt of Congress by the end of... [Read More]
Donald Trump's personal lawyer on Monday made the controversial claim that the President cannot be found guilty of obstruction of justice. The "President cannot obstruct justice because... [Read More]
A veteran FBI counterintelligence agent was removed from special counsel Robert Mueller's team investigating Russian election meddling after the discovery of an exchange of anti-Trump... [Read More]
More smoke but no smoking gun. Michael Flynn's guilty plea Friday revealed a new layer of lies unearthed by the far-reaching investigation into ties between... [Read More]
It was reportedly Jared Kushner who directed Mike Flynn to call officials from Russia and other countries regarding an Israel-related UN Security Council resolution weeks... [Read More]
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