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As the Russia story again heats up, let's remember the ties between Russia and the US evangelical right as a critical backdrop and predicate for... [Read More]
A lot of Flynn threads are emerging in rapid succession that suggests a much broader and wilder universe of criminal wrongdoing. Here's my backgrounder (sub... [Read More]
I think the weirdness over Trump's interference in the AT&T/Time Warner acquisition is about to blow up. Here's my backgrounder (sub req). [Read More]
I've previously noted the chatter that AT&T may have or may need to give President Trump assurances that CNN will be reined in before his... [Read More]
I noted yesterday (sub req) that I think that even if Trump had or has come to hate Russia and Vladimir Putin he must know he... [Read More]
Here's a short backgrounder on what I think is the major revelation of the day (sub req). [Read More]
Backgrounder: The Plan to Fire Bob Mueller (sub req). [Read More]
Here's my effort to game out the Arizona Senate race post-Jeff Flake (sub req). [Read More]
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