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Five Years Ago This week in 2014, new revelations about New Zealand's mass surveillance garnered an angry response from the... [Read More]
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When it comes to intellectual property, the culture of ownership has grown so large that it threatens to consume itself. Still, while we have an... [Read More]
Remember RCEP? The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is a massive trade deal being negotiated by most of South-East Asia -- including China and India. Although... [Read More]
As we just got done noting, investors have finally started to grumble about AT&T's obsession with merger mania (aka "growth for growth's sake"). AT&T, you'll... [Read More]
Hoo boy. We've criticized a bunch of Senator Josh Hawley's nonsense over the past few months. After all, he's the elite cosmopolitan "get big government... [Read More]
The Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle has 12 courses to help you learn all about what Python can do. Python is considered by many to... [Read More]
For quite a while now, we've pointed out that doing any serious content moderation on major internet sites is laughably difficult, if not impossible. Whether... [Read More]
Not a great week for the FBI, encryption-wise. The same week it was revealed the FBI's encrypted communications system was cracked by the Russians, a... [Read More]
It was only a couple of weeks ago that we wrote about LeBron James, part-time NBA superstar and full-time taco-lover, and his attempt to get... [Read More]
As you've probably heard, Ed Snowden just came out with his memoir, entitled Permanent Record. I haven't yet had a chance to read it, but... [Read More]
The Complete Web and Mobile Developer Bundle covers the basics of web and mobile development, and features the popular instructor Rob Percival. You'll learn about... [Read More]