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Shortcomings in the data science-focused language are being addressed with the release of a "fully-featured debugger". [Read More]
More than a quarter of businesses experienced irreparable data loss in the past year, according to a Dell EMC survey. [Read More]
Burnout happens across all industries and job roles, but developers are especially susceptible. This ebook offers 10 strategies to help m... [Read More]
Social engagement is crucial to retaining millennial employees, according to a Speakap report. [Read More]
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AT&T's "5G E" network is just LTE Advanced. An OpenSignal report finds no meaningful advantage to AT&T's network over the networks of Verizon or T-Mobile. [Read More]
Read about one system administrator's experience upgrading his smartphone and the issues that followed. [Read More]
Organizations wasted almost 12% of project spend investment last year due to poor performance, according to the Project Management Institute. [Read More]
Google's Instant Apps feature allows you to try apps before installing them, though a vulnerability allows attackers to abuse the feature to steal data. [Read More]
One hour of downtime from a DDoS attack costs an average of $221,837 globally, according to Netscout. [Read More]
If you have an enterprise or educational Windows licence, Microsoft promises to do whatever it takes to make your business applications work with Windows 10... [Read More]
IoT sensors are being used at Lake George, in New York, in order to collect data that can be used to improve the freshwater ecosystem. [Read More]
Facebook and Twitter are undeniably popular, but they're not the only social media platforms to consider. Tom Merritt discusses five alternative social media networks that... [Read More]
With over a dozen form factors, knowing what the best flash memory card and SSD technology is available can be daunting. [Read More]