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After upsetting the Chiefs last week, the Titans now face New England on the road. The New England Patriots have been the NFL's best team... [Read More]
Can the Titans claim another shocking win in the AFC Divisional Round? In an outcome that few expected, the Tennessee Titans bested the Kansas City... [Read More]
The New England Patriots open the 2018 playoffs on Saturday night when they host the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round at Gillette Stadium. ... [Read More]
Eric Weems had seen this movie before.The former Bethune-Cookman and Seabreeze star, now with his third NFL team — the Tennessee Titans - knew last weekend's... [Read More]
Marcus Mariota sparked an improbable win last Saturday when he caught his own pass for a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs. Now he's heading... [Read More]
The Patriots take on the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round of the playoffs. The Patriots, who are the defending Super Bowl champions, are the... [Read More]
A season that started with Super Bowl aspirations for the Kansas City Chiefs and included a red-hot 5-0 start that kicked off with an upset... [Read More]
At the beginning of the NFL season, the Kansas City Chiefs were ranked with this season's most elite teams. [Read More]
Many analysts picked the Kansas City Chiefs to be the team playing the Patriots, but that's not the case as the Titans take on the... [Read More]
The Kansas City Chiefs lost the playoff game to the Tennessee Titans, so we owe Nashville some barbecue. But what to send? [Read More]
Alex Smith's latest, and probably last, playoff appearance with the Kansas City Chiefs began unraveling when Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota delivered a touchdown pass... [Read More]
When the New England Patriots were blown out by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2014 regular season, famously prickly head coach Bill Belichick did... [Read More]
Bill Belichick has been uncharacteristically open — especially for him — in recent days regarding the bombshell ESPN report published last week alleging power struggles... [Read More]
Here is a look at how former University of Alabama players in the National Football League performed in the opening round of the playoffs: ... [Read More]
"Absolutely," was Bill Belichick's ready response yesterday when asked if he plans to return next season as coach of the Patriots. So there. End of... [Read More]
Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota (8) leaps over the goal line for a touchdown in the second half of Saturday's wild-card playoff football game against... [Read More]
Linebacker Derrick Johnson, with his 13 years in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs, needs more time to process his team's stunning collapse against... [Read More]
The old Hotel President at 14th and Baltimore Avenue in downtown Kansas City flys a Chiefs' flag at half-staff on Monday following the Chiefs loss... [Read More]
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) throws against the Tennessee Titans during the second half of an NFL wild-card playoff game in Kansas City,... [Read More]
Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota talks about his team's 22-21 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL playoffs on Jan. 6, 2017.       ... [Read More]