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The Metro Drug Coalition reports almost 15 percent of Knox County high schoolers use e-cigarettes. [Read More]
almost 15 percent of high school students reported they use some type of e-cigarette. [Read More]
Authorities have identified a body found along an East Knox County road this week as that of a 28-year-old woman. No foul play is suspected. [Read More]
Knox County Schools say law enforcement has responded to a bus crash early Friday morning. [Read More]
Over 30 kids went home with their forever families in Knox County. [Read More]
KCSO said the woman was found dead on Will Brooks Lane. [Read More]
Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs is thrilled that America's Got Talent is bringing so many folks to Knoxville, and also telling us some of his... [Read More]
A reported hit-and-run involving a Knox County deputy and two wrecks involving the head of the narcotics division raise questions about how the agency handles... [Read More]
Knox County School board members approved a plan to offer early retirement to hundreds of employees. [Read More]
The Knox County Board of Education unanimously approved an early retirement incentive plan that could potentially save Knox County Schools millions of dollars. [Read More]
A Knox County woman faces multiple charges, including child abuse. [Read More]
The plan is a recommendation by Schools Superintendent Bob Thomas. It says the district's budget need is $2.5 million. [Read More]
Authorities are working to identify a woman found dead along a rural road in East Knox County on Tuesday. [Read More]
Early retirement incentive offered to 688 Knox County Schools staff; district may save millions if school board votes Wednesday to adopt plan. [Read More]
A Knox County woman is facing a charge of aggravated child abuse, neglect or endangerment. [Read More]
Knox County deputies are investigating a body found along the side of a road. [Read More]
News... [Read More]
The head of the narcotics division at the Knox County Sheriff's Office wrecked two brand-new vehicles in two years under questionable circumstances. [Read More]
"This police officer just rear-ended the hell out of this small red car, and now the cop is fleeing." [Read More]
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