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Eagle Editorial Board... [Read More]
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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is denying a report in the New York Times that he suggested secretly recording President Trump. He also reportedly... [Read More]
The El Paso "wall" — a steel bollard fence — is a reminder that the White House is doing what it can to make good... [Read More]
President Trump is questioning the timing of Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Trump tweeted this morning that... [Read More]
President Trump's former personal Attorney Michael Cohen seemed to accidentally post a tweet that his lawyer, Lanny Davis was meant to post about his cooperation... [Read More]
Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-Texas) discusses how President Trump called for border wall funding during a campaign rally in Las Vegas. [Read More]
The President dropped a hint the wall funding may come after the midterms since the Senate's spending bill doesn't include any wall money. [Read More]
President Trump says Brett Kavanaugh is one of the finest human beings you could meet. [Read More]
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Former White House Photographer Pete Souza again trolling President Trump. Veuer's Nick Cardona has that story. [Read More]
President Trump says many inappropriate things and is very gruff, brash, brazen, and often teeters on stupidity. Aye. [Read More]
The top super PAC aligned with President Trump announced Thursday that it will shell out another $1 million in advertising to support Rep. Pete Sessions,... [Read More]
In his new book "Fear," Bob Woodward recounts that in April 2017, after President Trump saw images of dead Syrian children with their mouths foaming... [Read More]