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On November 8, the Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings hosted an event with Senior Fellow Bruce Riedel and Visiting Fellow Madiha Afzal to... [Read More]
Brookings Institution Senior Fellow and SK-Korea Foundation Chair Jung H. Pak and Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Korea Chair Se... [Read More]
We need a more modern and ready force, not a larger one. [Read More]
In a new episode of the "Dollar and Sense" podcast, David Dollar speaks with Elaine Kamarck about the role trade issues played in the 2018... [Read More]
Rolling power cuts and land reform moves forward in South Africa  Last week, South Africa's largest power utility company, Eskom began implementing daily rolling blackouts to stabilize... [Read More]
The scandal unfolding in North Carolina's 9th district has involved party-affiliated actors who tampered with absentee ballots. Although the House of Representatives has the ultimate... [Read More]
On November 27, Michael O'Hanlon—Senior Fellow and Director of the Africa Security Initiative at Brookings—hosted a panel discussion to assess democratic trends on the African... [Read More]
The Diplomat magazine is a monthly, digital publication featuring loads of exclusive content, including some of our best long-form pieces, combined with a selection of... [Read More]
North Korea continues its underground nuclear tests, and there are indications that it has succeeded in miniaturizing a nuclear warhead. Sanctions and threat... [Read More]
In this episode of the "Brookings Cafeteria" podcast, Christina Kwauk, a fellow with the Center for Universal Education, talks with four women who are leaders... [Read More]
Real wages in most African countries moderately increased in 2017, but still remain low compared to other regions. [Read More]
Jennifer L. Doleac, Anita Mukherjee, and Molly Schnell look at what research says could help fight the opioid epidemic. [Read More]
Charts of the week, featuring a selection of three data or graphic items from Brookings research. [Read More]
Richard V. Reeves reviews research from Steve Rose and the Urban Institute that reveals that the future of the middle class looks different, depending on... [Read More]
The Essential Scan, produced by the Schaeffer Initiative for Health Policy, aims to help keep you informed on the latest research and what it means... [Read More]
In an experiment, Vanessa Williamson found that looking at a graph that showed the total amount of taxes poor Americans pay, rather than just their... [Read More]
Electoral incentives, policy compromise, and coalition durability: Japan's LDP–Komeito Government in a mixed electoral system - Adam P. Liff, Ko Maeda... [Read More]
The next few days of COP24 will be crucial in addressing the question of what counts as climate finance. [Read More]
Paul Gewirtz is the Potter Stewart Professor of Constitutional Law at Yale Law School and the director of Yale's Paul Tsai China Center. He teaches... [Read More]
Brookings Foreign Policy Fellow and Director of the India Project Tanvi Madan recently sat down with Brookings Foreign Policy Post-Doctoral Fellows Rush Doshi and Sharan Grewal... [Read More]