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The recent deal between Canadian aircraft company Bombardier and European air giant Airbus is the latest development in a decades-long fight over aircraft subsidies. [Read More]
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY China and India represent the future of oil demand growth, as demand in OECD countries declines. The low oil and gas prices of... [Read More]
In nearly every part of the energy world today, one sees abundance. New technologies and business practices are unlocking all kinds of energy resources and... [Read More]
If the Child Tax Credit is the only direct benefit to families in the tax plan, the proposed increase needs to be doubled and extended... [Read More]
Transitional justice has increasingly struggled to provide realistic remedies for societies reeling from conflict or decades of authoritarian rule.1 The transitional justice field traditionally presumes... [Read More]
لقد صارعت العدالة الانتقالية على نحوٍ متزايد لتؤمّن حلولاً واقعيّة لمجتمعات عانت صراعات أو عقود من الحكم السلطوي.1 وغالباً ما يفترض في مجال العدالة الانتقالية أنّ... [Read More]
Abstract The current tax treatment of married couples reduces wives' labor force participation and creates other inefficiencies. I propose a new second-earner deduction, equal to... [Read More]
Abstract Women now make up almost half the U.S. workforce. Despite the central role women play in the U.S. economy, our labor laws and institutions... [Read More]
Abstract Disability and widowhood are major drivers of economic insecurity for women later in life. To reduce the risk of economic insecurity among older women,... [Read More]
Introduction The U.S. economy will not operate at its full potential unless government and employers remove impediments to full participation by women in the labor... [Read More]
Abstract Women have surpassed men in college enrollment. This trend is particularly pronounced among nontraditional students, including part-time and older students—two groups that face significant…... [Read More]
Abstract The rapid growth of the older population in the United States will dramatically increase the need for elder care, most of which will be... [Read More]
Abstract Child care is a necessity for working women with young children. Yet, the costs of high-quality center-based child care in the United States—particularly for... [Read More]
Abstract While women's labor force participation has increased substantially in the U.S. over the second half of the 20th century, this growth has stagnated and... [Read More]
Abstract The gap between wages of men and women has fallen over the past several decades, reflecting women's economic progress. Successive generations of women have... [Read More]
Abstract The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a refundable tax credit that promotes work. Research has shown that it also reduces poverty and improves... [Read More]
Abstract Prior research indicates that entitlements to paid parental leave following the birth of a child provide substantial labor market and health benefits. Despite widespread... [Read More]
Following the Soviet Union's collapse, Ukraine and Russia maintained relations that at times were testy, but their differences largely appeared manageable. That changed in 2014,... [Read More]
       ... [Read More]
Greek banks are not currently capable of financing the country's economic recovery, and non-performing loans are partly to blame, Theodore Pelagidis explains. [Read More]
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