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Homi Kharas, Kristofer Hamel, and Martin Hofer highlight two new storylines that depict what is happening to global extreme poverty. [Read More]
The real refugee crisis we face is that too many refugees have been refugees for far too long, and better solutions are needed. [Read More]
Despite an otherwise difficult, at times suffocating, political environment in Turkey, civil society groups and local governments there are implementing promising projects designed to address... [Read More]
By 2004, both Jacques Chirac and George W. Bush were seeking ways to restore the bilateral relationship and, through that, the productivity of the traditional... [Read More]
Trump's insistence on zero tolerance at the border, and his rejection of a compromise immigration bill, put Republicans in a tough spot when public opinion... [Read More]
Jack Karsten and Darrell West write about the expanding use social credit systems in China, from travel and schools to e-commerce and dating apps. [Read More]
Trump is not merely neglecting the liberal world order; he is milking it for narrow gain, rapidly destroying the trust and sense of common purpose... [Read More]
In the wake of the Trump administration's imposition of import tariffs on China, Senior Fellow David Dollar explains the administration's objectives and the likely economic... [Read More]
Blair Levin assesses FCC's recent Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee to find out if there is room for improvement if we want to drive new deployment... [Read More]
Amy Copley explores figures from UNCTAD's latest World Investment Report, illustrating a decrease in African and global foreign direct investment flows. [Read More]
Trump has succeeded in appealing to his base, but under his presidency there have been continued declines in the number of people are identifying as... [Read More]
Brookings experts offer their reactions to the summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-un, their analyses of the key outcomes, and their assessments of what comes... [Read More]
John McArthur and Christine Zhang explore how prevalent the SDGs are in the global public discourse. [Read More]
Alain Ebobisse and Amadou Hott discuss Africa's potential for hydropower development—and changes to the current hydropower funding framework that could benefit all Africans. [Read More]
William Gale, Hilary Gelfond, Aaron Krupkin, Mark J. Mazur, and Eric Toder summarize the provisions of the bill and provide preliminary analysis of their effects. [Read More]
Landry Signé explains how recent elections and leadership transitions in Africa illustrate the rise of accountability on the continent. [Read More]
It is understandable why Trump believes there is a solid case for confronting China now on its trade practices. But there is a smart way... [Read More]
In a policy brief, Frank Rose explains how the United States can contribute to the development of effective bilateral and multilateral norms of behavior in... [Read More]
Studies in this week's Hutchins Roundup find that close to 40 percent of multinational profits are shifted to tax havens each year, supra-national institutions make... [Read More]
On June 12, Brookings hosted three panels to discuss the challenges and opportunities of AI in national security, economic, and public policy. [Read More]