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Bernie Sanders says that presidential primaries are the opportunity to evaluate candidates' voting records, before jumping all over Biden's. [Read More]
'There are obstacles, temptations and confusions in the way, but if you think about it and you keep your soul in order, you will make... [Read More]
Sanders specifically targeted the social media giant Facebook, which has recently been the subject of a $5 billion fine from the FTC. [Read More]
Every time the question of Obamacare's constitutionality comes up, we hear a lot of historical revisionism about the law's inception. [Read More]
The 'I know it when I see it' standard for pornography is now the standard for racism. It is wrongheaded and cannot stand. [Read More]
A left-wing mob tore down an American flag and replaced it with a Mexican flag. A gunman attacked an ICE facility. Democrats said nothing. [Read More]
At this point, Miley Cyrus's bland celebrity leftism is just about as boring as her twerking. ... [Read More]
Far-left Democrats created the weapon of identity politics, and now it's swinging for party moderates. Will intersectionality fracture the left? [Read More]
The abuse of psychiatry for political reasons has deep roots in myriad despotic regimes across time. We can't let it take further hold in our... [Read More]
Weeks after refusing to say who is responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Rep. Omar refuses to denounce Islamist terrorist group al-Qaeda. [Read More]
Those accusations dumbfounded volunteers and employees who work at the migrant facility however, who described just the opposite. [Read More]
Trump is the first president to stop foolish wars and interventions, so far—a reason for him to be re-elected, Thiel added. [Read More]
The fourth manned launch of the massive Saturn V rocket demanded the culmination of many sundry technological achievements. [Read More]
While both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden want to draw contrasts on health care, their plans contain far more similarities than differences. [Read More]
Thiel is not only advancing traditional conservative values, but he's also asking for the overthrow of the prestigious institutions of post-war America. [Read More]
The LGBT community is repeatedly taught to be afraid of anti-LGBT hate crimes. But why has there been no push to improve the way these... [Read More]
Chris Jacobs joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss his new book, "The Case Against Single Payer: How 'Medicare for All' Will Wreck America's Health... [Read More]
Joe Biden released his proposed healthcare plan. Its goal is to protect and build on the Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare. [Read More]
The DC Project brings students, mom, competitive shooters, and firearm advocates to meet with members of Congress about rising female gun ownership. [Read More]
Michael Avenatti, who is under federal investigation for extortion and theft, is upset that the authors did not interview him for their best-selling book. [Read More]