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Donald Trump delivered a speech hyping up his tax plan at the Heritage Foundation's  annual President's Club Meeting in Washington DC. ... [Read More]
John Tamny discusses how the impacts the Fed, Republican tax cuts, and innovation have on the American economy on this episode of Federalist Radio. [Read More]
Say what you will about Donald Trump -- and there's plenty to say  -- but he may be the first president in memory to actively... [Read More]
Harvey Weinstein wrote a lot of checks to women he allegedly sexually harassed, abused, and raped. He also wrote a lot of checks to the... [Read More]
A new poll from West Virginia shows that voter dissatisfaction with the current federal tax code could cost Joe Manchin his Senate seat. [Read More]
The 2015 Iran nuclear deal contains no provisions for international inspections of military installations, which Tehran has said it won't allow. [Read More]
There's never been a regime that oppressed its own people domestically yet accomplished good for the rest of the world. Xi Jinping is no exception. [Read More]
In a culture that worships safety, mass suffering reminds us that we are more than mere flesh, and virtue lies beyond self-preservation. [Read More]
The film brings to life a charming children's classic. But it offers more than kitsch sentimentality: it grapples with the reality of a disenchanting world. [Read More]
Steve Bannon's cynicism is the latest in a disturbing trend of politicos conflating 'support for the troops' and military service with their own politics. [Read More]
Few of the rapper Lecrae's longtime Christian fans grasp why he now addresses race issues via social media and his songs. [Read More]
Sebastian Kurz of Austria's win marks the latest sign of Europe's slow march away from the European Union and toward a renaissance of national sovereignty. [Read More]
The Southern Poverty Law Center makes millions lying about people. It's time for the media to stop letting them arbitrate what comprises a 'hate group.'... [Read More]
I wonder if the U.S. national soccer team failed to reach the World Cup because no one on this team knew how to handle failure. [Read More]
Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance arguing NFL owners colluded among themselves and with President Trump to keep him unemployed. [Read More]
A federal judge presiding over the case against Sen. Bob Menendez has denied the defense's motion to dismiss the bribery charges. [Read More]
Bowe Bergdahl pled guilty to desertion charges Monday afternoon. He also pled guilty to endangering the U.S. troops who searched for him. [Read More]
Lisa De Pasquale discusses "The Social Justice Warrior Handbook," and the tenacity needed to navigate the world of activism. [Read More]
A woman used her legally obtained concealed gun to fight off a knife-wielding man with a history of mental illness who tried to kidnap her. [Read More]
The same people who rightfully were shocked and alarmed at Donald Trump's 'grab the p-ssy' comments knew full well this was de rigeur for men... [Read More]
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