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"The Sabbath belongs to everyone," Zohar said following the vote. "There is no law that is more democratic and Jewish than this." [Read More]
'It's a win-win-win'... [Read More]
As far as solidarity goes, it is a slim platform – but it's an important start. [Read More]
Just as missile terrorism was far less effective than suicide bombing, tunnel terrorism was less effective than both, essentially foiled by technological developments. [Read More]
Our readers have their say. [Read More]
In addition to writing letters reconciling with Palestinians, we need conciliatory letters healing our fellow Jews. [Read More]
It is still unclear what party Gantz will select after being sought after by multiple parties. He could also decide to form a new party. [Read More]
The issuance of tenders for settler building under Trump is higher than it has been in at least 15 years. [Read More]
Flamenco dancer Ornili Azulay to take on the great flamenco guitarist's music... [Read More]
Are comparisons between the current US policy of family separation at the border and concentration camps valid? [Read More]
Through observations of cells in mice, spanning from infants to adults, the researchers found a link between the size of individual pancreatic cells and increased... [Read More]
Israel proposed that the season not only include arts and music, but should also focus on technology and high-tech, highlighting Israel's achievements in fields of... [Read More]
"Marhaba, smell the jasmine and taste the olives, welcome to Palestine." [Read More]
Yogev: In exchange for Arab support for the enlistment law and the defeat of the amendment to the Noises [Muezzin] Law the haredim will sell... [Read More]
Despite ups and downs, at the political level the two nations share "bon voisinage," or good neighborliness... [Read More]
"He was a paranoid megalomaniac who went from being the party's most right-wing MK to selling out Israel." [Read More]
No decision was made on whether or not the Shin Bet tortured the defendant, and threw out the minor-defendant confessions for torture. [Read More]
"There are parties in the Knesset which are sustained by two things: war on Shabbat and war on the haredim." [Read More]
The new digital torpedo is set to become the submarine fleet's main missile. [Read More]
Ahead of their show at the Ra'anana Park Amphitheater on Thursday, the trio gathered to answer questions at a press conference at the Sheraton Hotel... [Read More]