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Lumenis develops minimally invasive clinical devices for the aesthetic, surgical and ophthalmology specialties. [Read More]
In May of 2019, an international report by Greenpeace defined Kibbutz Barkai as the community with the most polluted air in Israel, more than even... [Read More]
Italian daily La Repubblica reported that the protesters managed to communicate where to drive and leave their cars to maximize the disruption using Waze. [Read More]
While the base has been attacked before and was rendered inactive in the past, the Iranian rebuilt much of it, according to reports. [Read More]
The two South American rivals brought their culture and vigor to the Israeli pitch, in one of the largest soccer matches to ever grace the... [Read More]
The alarm was sounded in several towns near the Israel-Syria border and people living there reported they heard explosions. [Read More]
Public Transportation Minister and leader of National Union Bezalel Smotrich said in an interview with Kan Bet radio that the conversation with Yisrael Beytenu leader... [Read More]
A man suspected to have been the middleman in the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has been arrested, a police source said on... [Read More]
Foreign Minister Israel Katz told the army radio Tuesday that considering the outcome of the last elections there is no real chance of establishing a... [Read More]
"This announcement is a repudiation of President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry's ill-informed efforts to target Israeli presence in the West Bank." [Read More]
Residents of northern Israel are reporting that a red alert sounded in the area and that they heard an explosion, according to Israeli media. The... [Read More]
Following the incident, photo journalists from around the world posted on social media photos of themselves with one eye covered by a patch. [Read More]
"They showed those pictures and asked everyone, 'Did you by chance know this woman? Did you know by chance know these girls?'" [Read More]
The line was repaired and then hacked again on Sunday evening. [Read More]
"They will not listen to reason. There is something very peculiar and wrong going on in Israel." [Read More]
Rabbi Abraham Cooper said the organization is "in the editorial process" and that the list will be released at the end of the calendar year. [Read More]
China appointed a new police commissioner as the police are in the midst of a stand-off with protestors at a university... [Read More]
The Democrats for Israel Los Angeles chapter said in a statement that it coordinated the efforts to defeat the "highly flawed anti-Israel" amendment. [Read More]
In 2017, after being photographed with Miss Israel, former miss Iraq Sarah Idan was forced to flee her country and emigrated to the United States... [Read More]
Palestinian officials maintain there is no longer any back-channel communication with the Trump Administration... [Read More]