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Although antiretroviral therapy has reduced mortality among people with HIV, inadequate treatment coverage, ageing, and the increasing incidence of organ failure and malignancies mean that... [Read More]
The belief that treatment of HIV infection will reduce the spread of the virus was inspired by a series of observational studies of HIV serodiscordant... [Read More]
HIV treatment as prevention is effective in men who have sex with men. Increasing HIV testing and linking to immediate treatment is an important strategy... [Read More]
The Rukarara River in western Rwanda is the most distant headwater of the Nile, the longest river in the world. Water originating here joins water... [Read More]
The HIV burden in specific age groups, the suboptimal differential coverage, and uptake of HIV prevention strategies justifies a location-based approach to surveillance with finer... [Read More]
To use medical devices rationally, health-care professionals must base their choices of which devices to recommend for individual patients on an objective appraisal of their... [Read More]
How should consent be measured? The answer to that question will depend on where in the world you practise medicine or receive treatment—whether it be... [Read More]
Preventing smoking is crucial to public health. Countries that implement the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control MPOWER tobacco control policies, which include high taxes,... [Read More]
Last week, Britain celebrated the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service (NHS). It was hard to understand why. Some of the most reliable assessments... [Read More]
The country's President-elect faces a tough challenge to redress the health system, but his tough stance on corruption might help. Stephen Woodman reports from Mexico... [Read More]
Misuse of the synthetic hormone has prompted the government to propose strict regulations, but some worry about potential consequences on women's health. Sophie Cousins reports. [Read More]
African leaders launch a continent-wide Zero Malaria Starts with Me campaign to spur response in the face of a setback in progress in the fight... [Read More]
Agencies warn against the looming threat of military action to retake the central port of Hudaydah which is already exacerbating the crisis on the ground.... [Read More]
Like all health professionals, I've made a lot of mistakes. Many of these were clinical—through inexperience or lack of knowledge, through making poor decisions when... [Read More]
"I am a family physician, I am a human being. These two concepts are my main driving force towards whatever I do at all levels... [Read More]
Women's rights have regained attention with the 2017 and 2018 Women's Marches, and the #MeToo and Time's Up movements. Thus, it is surprising to discover... [Read More]
Women represent the majority of the global health workforce, but only 25% are in leadership positions.1,2 In the UN System, only 23% of top leaders... [Read More]
A groundswell of attention and support for the need to recognise and advance women's leadership in global health has arisen since the issue was brought... [Read More]
In recent years, social media campaigns aiming to showcase women working at the forefront of global health have resulted in lists like 300 Women Leaders... [Read More]
A 64-year-old male physician with obstructive sleep apnoea presented for a scheduled outpatient follow-up appointment. He reported that the week before he had developed palpitations... [Read More]
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