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Influenza results in annual epidemics and global pandemics of acute respiratory illness that increases morbidity, mortality, and hospital admissions. Fortunately, there are currently two classes... [Read More]
Although combination treatment showed a significant decrease in viral shedding at day 3 relative to monotherapy, this difference was not associated with improved clinical benefit.... [Read More]
In a Comment published alongside the Lancet Series America: Equity and Inequality in Health in April, 2017, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wrote: "Today, we must... [Read More]
While the UN Security Council issued a statement last week calling to end the violence against the Rohingya Muslim population of Northern Rakhine State, Myanmar,... [Read More]
On Sept 13, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) published an inaugural Gene-ral Practice: Health of the Nation report. Their analysis will become... [Read More]
In WHO's drive to ensure good health and care for all, there is a pressing need to step up global and national action on non-communicable... [Read More]
Consider Singapore for a moment. In progress towards the health-related Sustainable Development Goals, Singapore ranks first out of 188 nations (the UK is tenth; the... [Read More]
The progress that had been made to improve health for the Angolan people after a long civil war could be lost among an economic crisis.... [Read More]
On Feb 12, 1945, Second Lieutenant Francis Stewart, taken prisoner of war (POW) by the Germans almost 5 years before, recorded the challenges he faced.... [Read More]
Although Sierra Leone is, via various international donors, making a huge effort to fight HIV infection by facilitating free testing, treatment, and counselling throughout the... [Read More]
The recent Editorial published in The Lancet (July 15, p 203)1 in response to the Generation Genome report argued that, because of current pressures in... [Read More]
In their Article, Subra Kugathasan and colleagues (April 29, p 1710)1 validated a risk-stratification model showing that early anti-tumour necrosis factor α therapy in patients... [Read More]
We appreciate the letter from Nizar Senussi about the use of exclusive or partial enteral nutrition in children with Crohn's disease. We agree that enteral... [Read More]
In The Lancet (June 17, p 2393),1 Franz E Babl and colleagues report a prospective cohort study comparing the accuracy of three head injury decision... [Read More]
We thank Martin H Osmond and Nathan Kuppermann and colleagues for their responses to our study1 comparing the accuracy of three head injury decision rules,... [Read More]
In The Lancet, Scott A Lear and colleagues1 report results from a large cohort of 130 843 participants from 17 countries (including four low-income countries and... [Read More]
Higher recreational and non-recreational physical activity was associated with a lower risk of mortality and CVD events in individuals from low-income, middle-income, and high-income countries.... [Read More]
A humanitarian crisis of enormous scale and scope is unfolding in western Myanmar's Rakhine State and its border zone with Bangladesh. More than 420 000 Rohingya... [Read More]
Volunteer blood donors give about 500 mL of whole blood, approximately 10% of their total blood volume. After removal of plasma during processing, each mL... [Read More]
Human scabies is a parasitic skin disease that affects people worldwide. To improve public-health decision making, measurement of the global burden of scabies is key.... [Read More]
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