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Casey Boyns and David Games advanced to the semifinals at the 11th annual NCGA Senior Amateur Match Play Championship at Spyglass Hill Golf Course on... [Read More]
More than 50 years went by before Carmel won the program's first league football title.What has transpired since is seven more Mission Trail Athletic League... [Read More]
A draft final SR68 Scenic Highway Plan has been released and Monterey County transportation officials are poised to consider approving the proposal with a preferred... [Read More]
A Bay Area congresswoman is calling for President Donald Trump to be removed from the presidency under a never-before-used constitutional provision.Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo,... [Read More]
Sometimes, if the mountain doesn't come to you, you go to the mountain.And by bringing information about college services to a central location, counselors are... [Read More]
There was a lot of color coordination going on in Carmel Wednesday between the multi-colored cars lined up on Dolores Street and their female owners... [Read More]
President offering support to hate groupsThe right to free speech in our country sets us apart, even from other progressive democracies, because we set no... [Read More]
An animal boarding facility that housed more than 1,000 animals and operated illegally has been ordered to close down, according to the SPCA for Monterey... [Read More]
In-depth coverage of Opinion news. Opinion articles, photos, videos and breaking news for Monterey and the US and more. [Read More]
America has a real eclipse at hand — in moral leadership and unity.Or put another way: Who can stop Donald Trump from running right off... [Read More]
Summertime, sweltering and stressful, makes our cold civil war feel hot. The madness and violence of last year crested in the summer, with the shootings... [Read More]
Q: My husband and I recently took a vacation to Mexico. While there, we attended a presentation for a vacation club. We didn't buy, but... [Read More]
long days, warmth and the promise of warmth... [Read More]
For the next several weeks, The Barnyard Shopping Village at the mouth of Carmel Valley might as well have searchlights trained to the sky so... [Read More]
PacRep Theatre is creating Neverland in Carmel, as it debuts its latest production, "Peter Pan," to open this weekend at the outdoor Forest Theater.The new... [Read More]
The 49ers went through a relatively uneventful practice Tuesday, a sort of calm before the storm that arrives in joint practices with the Denver Broncos... [Read More]
The Raiders first day back at practice Tuesday since their preseason opener went off without a hitch.Coach Jack Del Rio was pleased with the effort... [Read More]
The Giants won a baseball game Tuesday night, and they took the lead over the Marlins in the seventh inning when Giancarlo Stanton put one... [Read More]
The A's sent their fans on an emotional roller coaster featuring happiness, anger and ecstasy all in the span of one inning Tuesday.After booing Santiago... [Read More]
Two wins doesn't give a team much to build off of. Or does it?It depends on when those wins occurred. For Alisal High, closing the... [Read More]
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