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Trayvon Martin's killer is still flapping his lips. And this time George Zimmerman has threatened violence against Jay Z over a Martin documentary that is... [Read More]
Less than twenty years ago, back when when Erykah Badu was still the love of Common's life, it would seem crazy, ridiculous even, that... [Read More]
Our favorite regular, degular, shmegular reality/rapping phenom keeps making "money moves." This week, Cardi B debuted a curated selection from fast-fashion fave Steve Madden; a... [Read More]
You may call folks shrill for saying that the country under President Trump is sliding into fascism, but in a minute all of us will... [Read More]
Conduct 'Inconsistent' With PBS Values, Standards... [Read More]
There are two trains of thought on displaying America's historically racist trinkets and statues—well, a lot more, but the main ones are: racist symbols are... [Read More]
With Christmas just weeks away, the hunt for the perfect gift is in full force. With the buying power of the black dollar steadily rising... [Read More]
CandomblÃ... [Read More]
We know that the Star Spangled Banner's third stanza is racist, and the children's song, "Eeeny Meeny Miny Mo" is also suspect, but a... [Read More]
In "America must be in sweeps season" news, Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate seat in a special election over a homophobic alleged pedophile.... [Read More]
On Thursday night, I was looking at the Facebook post that linked to my column on raunchy twerk anthems. As I do on our main... [Read More]
Actor Terry Crews has found a new talent agency to represent him after dropping William Morris Endeavor amid allegations that one of its employees, Adam... [Read More]
Actress Alexandra Shipp had a rough day yesterday. A reply to a fan who tweeted to her about a possible movie pairing of her X-Men... [Read More]
Tony Rock's name is synonymous with comedy. In fact the Rock family name represents a small chunk of black comedy as two of his brothers,... [Read More]
It's easy to believe that hitting a shot from half-court is just a setup for embarrassment. It's one chance to sink a 47-foot-shot so no... [Read More]
Earlier today, I came across a video on my Facebook feed of 16-year-old Ayrton Little learning he was accepted at Harvard University. In the video,... [Read More]
That skin. That glow. That HAIR. [Read More]
You're the real racists. [Read More]
LeBron James is an elder statesmen in the game at just 32. He's easily the best basketball player on the planet, and has worked himself... [Read More]
The race for the perfect crazy-ass royal-wedding hat is on. [Read More]