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Perhaps no other city in America is as synonymous with gentrification as San Francisco. [Read More]
On Tuesday, a Multnomah County, Ore. jury delivered a guilty verdict against Russell Courtier, a member of a white supremacist gang who ran down a... [Read More]
Police have killed yet another black person in mental health distress, this time in State College, Pa. The most galling part of this tragedy, though,... [Read More]
She's helped amplify countless black voices across the world, and now, Alicia Garza will have an even larger platform. The Black Lives Matter co-founder, who... [Read More]
On Friday, the Black Women's Roundtable (BWR) released the findings of its sixth annual report (PDF), assessing the current status of black women in politics,... [Read More]
At 6 feet 5 inches, Winston Duke already stands out as the gentle giant who has to get brolic in Jordan Peele's new nightmare Us.... [Read More]
Four Virginia University of Lynchburg....Wait, there is an actual place called Lynchburg and black people are there. [Read More]
My relationship with therapy is, to say the least, old and complicated. [Read More]
President Trump doesn't consider fighting with a dead war hero to be an unfair fight because the commander-in-chief is dead inside. As far as he... [Read More]
Great things come out of the Bronx. [Read More]
Years from now, the most offensive Halloween costume won't be blackface. It will be dressing as Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King. [Read More]
The security team hired to protect Migos and Cardi B at last year's Met Gala in New York is off the hook for an incident... [Read More]
As if we needed another reason to support Tamron Hall's new show when it debuts on September 9 on ABC, she just gave us one... [Read More]
As the urgency for diverse representation continues to rise to the forefront, Wakandacon offers a refuge that oftentimes doesn't exist. For black folks eager to... [Read More]
Whatever opinions you may have about Cardi B's music or image, her business acumen is perpetually on point. Now, the megastar is making sure her... [Read More]
While our very own Michael Harriot took the time to express his gratitude to white America for being so kind as to end the barbaric... [Read More]
A show Comedy Central gave the greenlight in 2017 will finally make its way to television next month. [Read More]
The pursuit of the perfect foundation could potentially go on forever—but thanks to Rihanna and her 2017 Fenty Beauty launch, more and more brands are... [Read More]
Donald Trump is the kind of man who wants credit for everything. [Read More]
We have no idea if Nico Parker and Marsai Martin are friends in real life, but after seeing them together on the cover of the... [Read More]