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At 3:28PM ET I made a discovery that will change humanity for the better. Okay, maybe not humanity, but it will certainly make my life... [Read More]
Joss Whedon is leaving the solo Batgirl movie, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter. In a statement given to the publication, Whedon explained,... [Read More]
Election Assistance Commission chairman Matthew Masterson is being removed from his post by the White House and House Speaker Paul Ryan, according to a report... [Read More]
I've never seen The Ring because I'm a huge baby, but I've now watched a terrifying augmented reality demo of its main villain Samara coming... [Read More]
HP's first Windows 10 PC that's powered by an ARM-based processor is now available for preorder for $999.99. It's scheduled to ship by March 9th,... [Read More]
Ricoh announced a new camera yesterday: the Pentax K-1 Mark II 35 mm DSLR. It's a refreshed version of the original Pentax K-1 that was... [Read More]
Sling TV has added NBA League Pass as another option in the internet TV service's growing list of add-on content. League Pass costs an extra... [Read More]
A new beauty startup, Proven, is using artificial intelligence to determine the best skincare routines for people based on their skin type and needs, and... [Read More]
A new discovery that Neanderthals were painting cave walls more than 64,000 years ago has anthropologists rethinking the history of art. Found deep in Spanish... [Read More]
Apple's iPod is probably the pinnacle of personal audio devices. Sure, Android and iOS phones can play music with their fancy streaming services and gigabytes... [Read More]
LG has announced the 2018 updates for its K Series of budget smartphones, with new versions of the K10 and K8 that focus on improved... [Read More]
VSP is launching Level, which is basically the Fitbit of glasses. [Read More]
Google is throwing more weight behind the new rich communication standard... [Read More]
Snap's stock has dropped dramatically following a tweet from Kylie Jenner saying that she didn't use the app anymore. The drop in stock price has... [Read More]
The hospitality platform is getting into higher-end listings with Airbnb Plus, a new, more expensive tier of service that involves highly rated hosts meeting standardized... [Read More]
After launching its Falcon 9 rocket from California this morning, SpaceX used a giant net to try to recover the rocket's nosecone as it fell... [Read More]
Now that the dust has settled from SpaceX's first Falcon Heavy mission, the company is getting back to its routine with another Falcon 9 launch... [Read More]
Moleskine's Smart Writing System, the pen-and-notebook set that lets users digitize their handwritten notes onto a companion app, is adding a standalone $180 smartpen to... [Read More]
Final Fantasy XV on Windows includes some Half-Life-themed bonuses. Square Enix revealed that anyone who purchases the game on Steam will get an in-game costume... [Read More]
The competition between China and the US in AI development is tricky to quantify. While we do have some hard numbers, even they are open... [Read More]