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A new crop of aviation startups is hoping to resurrect supersonic air travel, and thanks to a new set of laws in the US, that... [Read More]
Hackers were able to compromise Target's Twitter account for use in a bitcoin scam that has been ramping up over the past few months. [Read More]
The kilogram is being redefined by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (or BIPM), but what does that mean? Instead of setting the world's... [Read More]
Waymo is reportedly planning to take the next step towards offering a commercial driverless car service in early December. The autonomous service is expected to... [Read More]
Keurig and Anheuser-Busch have teamed up to help launch Drinkworks' first product, the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig. Users can make cocktails, like Moscow mules... [Read More]
A new study from Melissa G. Hunt of the University of Pennsylvania illustrates how social media can increase feelings of loneliness and depression... [Read More]
Tovala launched the second generation of its smart oven today, which includes a redesigned physical interface and new packaging for its meals. The new device... [Read More]
eBay and Airbnb will both allow sexual harassment victims to take their cases to court, rather than requiring private arbitration, in the wake of similar... [Read More]
Stan Lee, the modern godfather of Marvel Comics, has died at 95. Fans are celebrating his life by revisiting his cameos in various Marvel movies,... [Read More]
The American Cable Association asked the Department of Justice to investigate alleged anti-competitive behavior by Comcast-NBCUniversal, and Trump is tweeting about it. [Read More]
Sony's PlayStation controllers have largely gone unchanged in the 20-plus years that the console family has been around — after all, if it ain't broke,... [Read More]
This year, eBay is back at it again trying to outdo traditional retailers like Target and Macy's with its "Better than Black Friday" deals. The... [Read More]
In 2019, French regulators will be given access to Facebook's content policies and how the company removes posts that may discriminate against or target minority... [Read More]
As unprecedented wildfires have torn across California over the past week, plenty of celebrities have been tweeting links and encouraging followers to donate to relief... [Read More]
Early buyers of Apple's latest iPad Pros have noticed black bars surrounding many third-party apps. It's an annoyance that will remain until developers update their... [Read More]
Most of Newegg's deals begin on November 19th at 12PM ET, with more deals kicking in on November 22nd (Thanksgiving) and a few select deals... [Read More]
Starting today, Google will use AI to suggest relevant GIFs, emoji, and stickers you can put in your conversation if you're using Gboard. By tapping... [Read More]
The negative reaction to Detective Pikachu's first trailer isn't just that the monsters look strange — it's that the movie's aesthetic comes so close to... [Read More]
After the departure of Rick Grimes, the hope was that The Walking Dead would use its six-year time jump to make a fresh start. The... [Read More]
YouTube is launching its once Daydream-exclusive virtual reality app on the Oculus Go mobile VR headset today, after announcing its plans in September. [Read More]