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The opening minutes of "The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story" are about as operatic as television gets. [Read More]
For the 30th consecutive year, the Iowa Boat, RV and Vacation Show Friday through Sunday in the UNI-Dome will whet the appetite of thousands of... [Read More]
Repairs to the Fourth Street bridge pedestrian canopy cost more than expected. [Read More]
With all the talk about walls, illegal immigration, Dreamers and DACA, it may be hard to separate fact from propaganda. [Read More]
The City Council on Monday will hold a hearing on the city's five-year 2018-2023 capital improvements program, a planning document for some $271 million in... [Read More]
Vote for bond... [Read More]
Obituaries and service notices in today's paper. [Read More]
It was early 1968. A charismatic minister Anna Mae Weems had hosted on a visit to Waterloo nine years earlier and his organization needed help.... [Read More]
In 2009 after disputes over elections in Iran turned into the green movement, the world thought Iran was on the verge of change and all... [Read More]
At the depth of the Great Depression, Dr. Francis E. Townsend proposed every American over the age of 60 be given a $200-a-month pension with... [Read More]
I'm weary from being angry about Donald Trump. That doesn't mean I can now happily accept this situation; I still think our commander-in-chief is dangerously... [Read More]
It was appropriate that in her first Condition of the State speech, Iowa's first female governor addressed a scourge that has dominated national and local... [Read More]
Story reprinted from the January issue of Cedar Valley Business Monthly. [Read More]
The knuckle-cracking cold that accompanied most of the country out of 2017 also followed most of us into 2018. Worse, it didn't come alone. Much... [Read More]
There's a lot of talk across the nation regarding the legalization of sports betting. It's piqued the interest of a lot of states, Iowa included. [Read More]
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