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The shooting reportedly took place at a warehouse in Aberdeen. [Read More]
The failed Alabama Senate candidate is no stranger to accusations of sexual misconduct. [Read More]
"Unfazed and determined." [Read More]
The epidemic is the second to hit the country in less than a year. [Read More]
An Anchorage women's shelter believes admitting trans women is "dangerous and against common sense." [Read More]
Extremely feasible, and also cheap! [Read More]
Jay Sekulow wants you to disbelieve your senses, and trust Trump. [Read More]
A lack of prominent Americans last week in Moldova point to a potential shift. [Read More]
Hill's 1991 confrontation with the U.S. Senate galvanized a new women's movement. Decades later, their numbers have grown and their anger is real. [Read More]
Nate McMurray is finding out in real time. [Read More]
Despite the hype, the road to safe self-driving cars will be a long and winding one. [Read More]
Apparently saying "look at the shit we have to put up with" is "everything wrong with politics today." [Read More]
"The great Lou Dobbs, the great Sean Hannity, the wonderful great Jeanie Pirro." [Read More]
The asylum seekers have been staying in an overcrowded camp on the island of Lesbos. [Read More]
"The way you normally do investigations is you work from the bottom up, and so they're getting pretty high." [Read More]
Without bond hearings, thousands of immigrants could languish for years in ICE custody. [Read More]
President Trump also inquired about land near his golf course. [Read More]
"If I'm Iran, I look at it as a prelude to regime change." [Read More]
"You can't count on a black quarterback." [Read More]
Before Gorsuch, wannabe justices didn't run around broadcasting their most radical views. [Read More]