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APEC-SUMMIT/ (UPDATE 4, PIX, TV):UPDATE 4-APEC fails to reach consensus as U.S.-China divide dominates... [Read More]
TANZANIA-WORLDBANK/ (PIX):World Bank re-engages Tanzania on scrapped education plan... [Read More]
NORTHKOREA-MISSILES/ARMS (PIX, GRAPHIC):N.Korea's new 'tactical' weapon test highlights military modernisation... [Read More]
North Korea's claim last week that it had tested an unidentified "ultramodern tactical weapon" highlighted its desire to upgrade its conventional arms and reassure its... [Read More]
Papua New Guinea will release a formal closing statement for the regional APEC forum in coming days, Prime Minister Peter O'Neill said on Sunday, as... [Read More]
APEC-SUMMIT/ (URGENT):Asia-Pacific leaders fail to reach consensus on APEC communique... [Read More]
APEC-SUMMIT/ (UPDATE 3, PIX, TV):UPDATE 3-China-U.S. rivalry casts shadow over APEC meeting in PNG... [Read More]
CHINA-USA/ (URGENT):China says no developing country will fall into debt trap by cooperating with China... [Read More]
Tonga has signed up to China's Belt and Road initiative and has received a reprieve from Beijing on the timing of debt payments shortly before... [Read More]
APEC-SUMMIT/ (UPDATE 2, PIX, TV):UPDATE 2-Outflanking China, Western allies pledge to provide electricity to PNG... [Read More]
Australia's trade minister said translation issues were behind the delay of a billion-dollar free trade agreement with Indonesia, downplaying a friction between the countries over... [Read More]
CALIFORNIA-WILDFIRES/ (UPDATE 5, PIX, TV, GRAPHIC):UPDATE 5-Search on for 1,276 now missing after California's deadliest wildfire... [Read More]
USA-IMMIGRATION/CARAVAN (PIX):Central Americans stalled at U.S.-Mexico border, mull work offers... [Read More]
APEC-SUMMIT/ENERGY (UPDATE 1):UPDATE 1-U.S. allies counter China with alternative electricity plan for PNG... [Read More]
President Donald Trump on Saturday called a CIA assessment blaming Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi "very... [Read More]
GERMAN-POLITICS/:'I earn around a million euros', German conservative Merz tells Bild... [Read More]
APEC-SUMMIT/ENERGY (URGENT):U.S. allies to develop electricity network for Papua New Guinea... [Read More]
The Trump administration said it had not reached a final conclusion on whether Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of journalist Jamal... [Read More]
AUSTRALIA-STINGRAY/:Man dies in Tasmania after apparent stingray attack... [Read More]
British Prime Minister Theresa May says she sees no alternative to the Brexit deal she presented earlier this week, amid reports that some of her... [Read More]